Larson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing software related tips including on Logo Designs; please feel free to share if you have any additional tips or suggestions on logo designs or anything related to tech.


  1. Logo means a trademark of the company this is the most important thing before starting a website or company so that people know us by our logo
    Nice tips thanks for this..

  2. Very nice tips.
    with me, my logo has to be different, people have to know that’s mine and mine only.
    i usually concentrate on the color and that’s true, you have to mastery some of software such as Photoshop, inDesign or Illustration.
    Thanks for your sharing.


  3. very nice tips Larson. reading your article, it seems like I too can design logo for my website. Go for a design software & do some R& D on it to get the best possible website design.

    1. Thanks Alan, all it takes is a little bit of determination, good amount of skill and the creativity to create a quality logo..

  4. I have the most problems with color when I design. I usually do it all in black and white and then when I start looking for colors I hit a wall and have such a hard time finding what I think looks good.

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