10 Best iOS Games Released in 2012

2012 saw the release of a lot of games for the iOS iPhone system. 2013 is already shaping to be just as big of a year if not bigger, but let’s take a little time to reflect on the 2012 year. There were some amazing games that were released, some highly addictive ones, and some not so great ones. Below is a list of the top 10 games that were released for the iOS system in 2012.

  1. ARC Squadron- ARC squadron has repeatedly made the top of several lists for 2012 including most played, most addicting, and most downloaded. You are an elite pilot and have to take out the enemy in order to restore peace to the world.
  2. Angry Birds Star Wars- This latest installment in the Angry Birds series was highly anticipated. It takes everything that you love about Angry Birds and dresses up the birds and piggies to look like Star Wars characters along with the planet backgrounds.
  3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted- This edition of Need for Speed helps to get your high octane racing itch out of the way. Collect all the new fancy vehicles, race some high-end pieces of equipment, and enjoy the racing challenge while causing a little bit of trouble along the way.
  4. Jetpack Joyride- This game is a rather basic concept, but extremely enjoyable. A little boy has a jetpack strapped to his back and zooms through the levels avoiding obstacles and collecting goodies along the way. It is one of the most popular games for both the iOS and the Android.
  5. Dream of Pixels- This is a new style of an old favorite game. Instead of the Tetris style game where the unit appears and you place it as it drops you will have a color block grid appear and you will select which blocks you should remove. Once the block has been removed they will fall or drop into place in order to make matching color lines.
  6. Bladeslinger Ep. 1- This is a mesmerizing game when it comes to the graphic development. The main character begins a battle when he returns to his hometown only to find that and ancient evil has taken over.
  7. Bad Piggies- “Bad piggies” is like the other point of view of Angry Birds. Instead of launching birds to take out the piggies you are trying to help the piggy characters collect the maps. You will build carts that are constructed in order to get the piggies from point A. to point B. and collect the map.
  8. Wild Blood- This is the story of an epic battle between Lancelot and King Arthur. Arthur has caught Lancelot and Guinevere in a wild affair and works with his sister to release the demons of hell onto earth. Lancelot must not only battle the encroaching demons, but he must defeat Arthur and his sister and send the demons back to hell where they belong.
  9. Temple Run: Brave- You have a couple bonuses on this installment of the wildly popular game. You can play the main character from Brave, you can even use your archery skills to score bonus points, or there is a demon bear that if you collect it will transport you to an alternate world. Everything else pretty much plays out the same as the original Temple Run.
  10. Tetris- This is a game that no matter how long it has been around never seems to get old.

The iOS has an amazing processor system, especially the new iPhone 5. 2013 will most likely see a lot more complex games developed for the iOS systems.

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  1. Call me an old-schooled mom, but my favorite is still the tetris, and it’s been the best game for me since many years! I also played it on a gameboy:)

  2. I also like tetris but there are some good games listed. I know arc angy birds and need for speed are some of the most popular ones ever. I have to try games 7 8 and 9 to see how they are.

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