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Top Five PS4 Games and Their Stories

The PlayStation 4 games with the best stories are those that provide players with a tale they want to never end. This kind of games immerses players from the first minute.

This article talks about five titles that will keep players excited for hours at a time.

#1: Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 plunges the player into a war that he does not completely understand on first sight. The game is rich with characters that show how complex the war is. The player will find brave characters and will run across cowards who will force someone else to take a bullet for them, just like in real life. Players will be engrossed in this game because the complex story may remind them of things they’ve been through recently or some time in their real life.

#2: Doom

Doom is a game series that many people may be familiar with, but may not have played in a while. The game has been updated on the PlayStation 4. The game involves wearing the body armor of a futuristic soldier and fighting with weapons that one cannot possibly imagine in modern days. Allow yourself to get sucked into a game that works well with VR technology, and you will learn that war is more complicated than you thought. An interesting fact about this game is that the rules are not shown from the beginning, you must figure them out as you play through.

#3: Tales from The Borderlands

The Borderlands is a place where the player is lost in a dystopia. This game puts him/her in difficult situations, forcing to make hard choices. Better said, it challenges players to think about how to live their lives. They are presented with characters who are handling a life that they would not choose for themselves. If you want to escape from reality for a short period of time, you can start playing this game, it will definitely send your mind to another world.

#4: Bloodborne

Bloodborne is one of the scariest games you could possibly play. At the beginning, you may be haunted by the way it looks. Players are matched with a major epidemic that they cannot battle alone, and they must choose the best partners to help them survive this situation. Dealing with a worldwide breakout will force players to decide what they value most. They may learn something very important about themselves when playing this game – how would they react in a difficult situation and whom would they choose to be the best companion to help them get through this. Also, they might quickly learn that in life not everything is as it seems.

#5: Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is a game set at an art school. From there, the player is left to explore the game on his own. You may not imagine how an art school can reveal so many complex characters, but this game will show you that anything is possible. Life Is Strange is a revolution in gaming because it does not fit into a category. It slides into the real life situations where the player is tasked with living the life of an art student who must survive life or death circumstances. Players are neither pushed into battle nor fighting an evil enemy; they are fighting the battle of life that everyone goes through every day.
Gamers who plan on playing a game for a long period of time would definitely be attracted by these compelling stories. The five games mentioned above will provide players with hours of fun, excitement, and interest and will give them a story to enjoy. Purchase them online and start playing with friends or on your own!

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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