5 Free Brain Training Games for Android

Move the Box

Move the Box is a puzzle with 24 different levels similar to the game Three In A Row but with a more colorful and vibrant interface. It is a simple game in which you have to clear the dock which is loaded with boxes and you have to do it fast. To remove the boxes, you have to bring three boxes of the same kind in a line, which will then disappear. For this, the game requires the player to drag, move and drop the boxes. It is simply a fun game to play that will totally keep you involved.

Where’s My Water

This is a really popular game and you will find both young and old crazy after it. It is a challenging, physics-based game which is difficult enough to keep you challenged but easy enough not to frustrate you. Where’s my water has a very cute storyline in which the alligator, swampy needs to take a shower every day after his work and the other alligators disrupt the water flow. And you have to fix the plumbing with your skills. The graphics are really cute and the game will keep you involved for whole day long.


Play this all- time favorite puzzle right on your phone. Playing Sudoku on phone is so much easier and entertaining than on paper. Simply the best game to stimulate your brain and keep you involved for long periods of time. It has nice interface and different levels of difficulty. But of course, the basics of the game are the same: arrange the numbers 0-9 in a rows and columns so that the numbers are not repeated in any row and any column.


This ancient and an all-time popular game can be downloaded and played on the android phone. It is a game involving strategy, luck and skill. If you already have a craze for backgammon and have been playing it in coffee houses with your friends, then certainly it is the best download for you.

Unblock Me

Unblock Me will keep you totally involved with its challenging and interesting puzzle. The puzzle is challenging to solve but easy to understand. You just simply have to take out the red block which is trapped among the other blocks by sliding and moving all the blocks out of the way.

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Hello, my name is Brian. I am a great fan of Sudoku puzzles and crosswords who is fond of playing games on a mobile phone in every spare minute.


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  2. I do play sodoku every time I have free time because it is quite helpful in memory and to my brain challenge. Thanks for sharing wonderful games that can help our brain to be more active.

  3. I tried the game Unblock me, the free version. The expert mode will surely take your time to finish it! I also played Sudoku but Unblock me was way challenging.

  4. These games to cultivate all parts of the brain and divert the player towards the brain storming but I have not yet used them,only read literature on them

  5. I already have Sudoku in my phone.. I want this where’s the water, sounds like a very enjoyable game to play.
    Thanks for sharing this games.

  6. I don’t have an android I have an Iphone. Only just got it and have no idea how to drive it. These type of games are great for train trips

  7. I’m so in loved with Unblocked me. It really challenge my mind which block to move to set the base free. This is so cool. I would love to try the Move the Box. Good information you got here. 😉

  8. My phone is dying right now, and i can’t play my games. 🙁 I have two of those, the Unblock me and Sudoku. They’re really entertaing. Since I played with those two, I never had the chance to be bored. And I think, I will be in love with the 3 games above too. Thanks for sharing amigo. 🙂

  9. Does anyone know if these puzzle games actually help the brain? I mean, I would think they help you with real life problem solving. That would be something I’d like to see a study on. Gotta think someone has done this.

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    Thanks for the nice writing.
    With best regards

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