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Facebook to Implement Face Detection System

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Facebook has begun testing a face detection technology that will be implemented in Facebook Photos. The aim is to make it easier for users to ‘tag’ their friends so as to save time and increase efficiency particularly when a user has to upload several albums at a time. If successful, the face detection technology will automatically detect faces in photographs and select them. Thus, users with large photo albums or a lot of friends in a single photo will be prompted with a simple question such as, “Whose face is this?” by the system and therefore will no longer be required to select a face.

The technology is one of a host of others being tested by Facebook in order to enhance its photo section and is believed to be similar to the face detection system being employed by many digital cameras today. Statistically, 99% of Facebook users have uploaded at least one photo on Facebook, with over 100 million photos uploaded every single day. While other potential improvements have not been mentioned yet, the face detection system is certainly an interesting feature that will change the way users interact with the popular social networking site. Furthermore, it will make tagging photos faster, easier and improve the process of uploading and managing photo albums.

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Which other features would you like to be implemented on Facebook? Do you have any concerns about facial the use of  recognition systems in Web sites such as Facebook?

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  1. Well i think it will be an amazing feature in Facebook, it will save a lot of time for those who much involved in social networking and upload loads of images everyday.

  2. Facebook has already achieved a milestone and now with the face detection system Facebook has moved another big step. This is an amazing concept, a great time saver for all the busy and lazy people ­čÖé limiting time even for re-typing is good but privacy is again another story.

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