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13 Reasons Why a Multi-Language Website Is Good for Your Business

The Internet is a global business hub and a primary tool for business and individuals searching for information and access to goods and services.

The rise of English as a global language has made it easier for business owners to communicate with a large, worldwide audience.

However, having a multi-language website can give you an essential competitive edge at reaching new customers in non-English speaking areas around the globe.

In this article, we will give your reasons why a multi-language website is beneficial for your business.

Reach a New Audience

The goal of every business is growth and expansion. A multi-language website lets you reach a brand new audience. New audience means new opportunities.

Major developing countries such as South Africa, Brazil, India, and Nigeria represent a huge market to place your products and services.

The number of people with internet access is growing every day. Most come from developing countries.

A multi-language website is your big chance to communicate with a new audience.

Better Communication

Although English is a universal language, many people are still more comfortable with searching information on their native languages.

Think of China as one of the best examples; it is a huge market. The problem is, there is 0.8 percent of English speakers in China.

A multi-language site in both English and Chinese is definitively a good investment. Your audience will appreciate the information being available in their native language.

Boost Your Traffic

A multi-language website will generate more traffic. You do not have to invest in complicated content marketing campaigns to attract more visitors and drive more traffic to your site. A multi-language website is a cost-effective marketing tool.

You can consider it as a long-term investment which will boost not only your website traffic but your overall business effectiveness.

Increase Sales

When you add a new language to your website, there is a considerable chance that your sales will increase substantially. In some cases, this can mean a 100 percent increase.

Your content will become accessible to a whole new audience and bring you, new customers.

Better User Experience

People who are not fully proficient in English will find it easier to use your website in their native language. They will also be more likely to interact with you, and this can significantly improve their user experience.

As you are probably aware, a positive user experience will generate better reviews and contribute to your business credibility.

Customers Will Trust You

Trust is the cornerstone of every business relationship. A multilingual website demonstrates to your clients that you are willing to offer them content in their language. Customers will feel more confident to buy products or services in a language they are fully proficient in.

Your Business Will Look More Professional

Most of the world’s most powerful companies and brands have multilingual websites. To reach a global audience, you have to go global and show that you equally care about your English and non-English speaking clients.

To provide your customers with quality, professional content, check out this list of best writing services.

Your business will look more professional, and customers will know how to recognize it.

Quicker Business Expansion

Business owners are investing significant resources to expand their audience base and attract new customers. A multilingual website will save you a lot of time and effort. With each new language added, your business has a new chance to expand and reach new customers.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Customers will react more positively to your business if they can access your website content in their respective language. More importantly, a multi-language website shows your customers you care about their needs.

Multilingual content will also expand customer awareness and make it much easier for non-English speakers to access your content.

You Will Be More Competitive

The Internet is saturated with all sort of content. Competition is harsh, and it is not easy to stand out. Take some time to investigate what your main competitors are doing.

How many of them have multilingual websites? This is your chance to be different and be ahead of your competitors.

Multilingual content can give you a decisive edge over your competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people will navigate to your website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is fine as far as English language content is concerned, but countries such as China have their local search engines.

Local search engines are usually tailored to the needs of the native audience. A multilingual website represents a significant chance for your content to appear in local search engines.

Google is also working to improve searches in foreign languages. Having your content available in foreign languages will improve your organic search rankings.

You Achieve Better Business Image

Your website represents your business. Multilingual content sends a clear message that your business is international and versatile. You demonstrate that you are willing to invest time and effort into making your content available for non-English speakers.

It is also a clear sign that your business is serious. A multilingual website is a step towards building a better business image.

Access to Other Cultures

Language is much more than a means of communication. Languages are an essence of culture and they are the best way to get to know foreign cultures and customs.

A multilingual website is your chance to meet customers from other cultures. More than that, it is an opportunity to learn other countries and their business culture.

This knowledge can later help you organize your business strategy and target a specific audience in their native language.

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  1. Davido

    May 29, 2018 at 4:46 am

    Yes I agree multi language is very important for a website but its very hard to do it!
    BTW Thank for your great article!

  2. Vickie

    August 17, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Yeah, with the use of multi-language website we can grow our business worldwide.

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