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10 Ways to Index your Web Page Faster

10 ways to increase the crawl rate of google bot. More crawling rate means your webpage going to index in search engines immediately after you make posts live.

There are literally hundred of methods to index a web page them quickly. Let’s discuss some of them.

Site map (Sitemap)

An XML/HTML site map can be explained as a hierarchical arrangement of everything and every page that your web site has on it. Basically, a list of every web page for the users or Google bots to crawl in it. This can be in a document file and as well can be used as a planner for to design your web page. Providing a site map gives google to crawl your site better. A site map provides an overview of what this site is going to offer and what topics are covered in it. Google ranks the sites with such sites which provide a hierarchy without looking for each and every page. If you have not idea how to create XML or HTML site map, you can use pre post SEO xml sitemap generator tool.

Google Webmaster tool

It is the best tool to get your website indexed quicker. First of all, you need to get Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics account.

Submit your website on this link ‘’. It is a safe and easiest way to start your indexing. All of the crawl stats can check out in Google Webmaster Tools. As soon as you get a new content, you should go to the section Fetch as Google bot, enter your URL and just click Fetch button. After getting the status Successful, you need to click Submit to Index. You can type all URLs with the updated content and let it work on them. You can submit up to 500 URLs per week.

Unique content and regular update

New unique content is a key to get the Google have his light shine upon you. Google takes a lot of time in indexing old and used data. Google algorithms work in a way that, they will check for plagiarism, they will see if your website has been regularly updated or not. Bring originality to your web pages and unique articles and as soon as you are done with it, do check them on plagiarism checkers to see if they are not copied or already present over the web.

Copied content according to Google will be indexed very low and might never get a chance to show on first few pages. However, if you are creating new content and updating it regularly, then Google will love to visit it regularly and will increase your crawl rate.

Robot.txt file

This file is basically created to control the crawling of Google bots. For example, we will be able to tell Google, which content should be indexed and which ones are not allowed to be. We also provide our site map link in robot.text file. It is basically made to avoid pages like Admin or thank you pages getting indexed. The file makes sure what exactly you want on search engines.


This is one of the most important methods and a must do anytime you create a new page or add new content or update it. Pinging is basically yelling or saying ‘Hey search engines, new content here’. Google itself takes quite a few time to get your pages indexed and there is a chance that your content might get stolen by someone else before it’s indexed. Pinging tools, however, are available online to help you out. They simply send a request to Google about the URLs you provide to it. This actually gets your content indexed extremely fast.

Online pinging tool can help you ping your URLs or new content to the search engines. They will see if the work is unique and quality made, then will easily index it.

Quality backlinks

Backlinks are back bone of SEO. When you post your articles which backlinks to your web page on any high DA site let Google triggers to index my web pages. Creating backlinks by posting comments on other blogs or writing press releases will have the same effect. Try and avoid spamming though, as many people will just remove spam links and you will have wasted your time. Spam links can lead you to low ranking or even Google can red flap your web page. Free article posting sites or any other high ranked blog sites when sharing your content and backlinks to your web page will definitely increase a trust rate and Google algorithm will consider it as authenticated.

Social profiles

Creating of social profiles are a great way to get the boosting on your web indexing. It fastens the procedure and Google prefers the content which is socially popular. Creating social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Getting followers and likes on your feeds will be considered positive while ranking. Posting your content on these sites and adding links back to your website, then taking those social media links and getting them indexed will definitely bring ranking and the Google search engines will index them very quickly, Not only that but search engines will check and visit your site regularly. The more crowd you take on social media the faster your indexing will happen.

Loading speed

Sites which are quick and load faster are indexed faster. Loading speed puts a positive impact on Google indexing. Google algorithms rank the sites on which the content is loading faster than the ones who don’t load quickly and take forever to load 100% or semi load. To quick your site speed, you must optimize your images, decrease unnecessary source code etc. You can use google’s page speed checker tool.


This is a good way to get your site index. It’s actually very tricky and to understand this method, let’s see what is inter-backlinking. It’s a method of getting links to other pages of your own website within the website. Posting links to your different pages will help a lot. If even one of your page is indexed, then there is a chance that all of them will be indexed soon because of backlinks to your different pages present within your site.

This is a good trick and Google verifies it as well. It’s basically a good example of proper navigation. This actually helps a user to browse through your web site easily, as they will see the links to other pages and will surely click them if they are already finding your site interesting.

Call Larry Page (Laughs)

Well, If you can’t follow the above methods or finding them too difficult to do, then simply call Larry Page (Google Creator) and ask him to index your page. This will surely help you out.

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