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10 Ways to Attract Your Clients with Business Cards

The most popular theme of business at present is “What looks better, sells better”. The market in every respect has transformed into a giant showcase where every player is required to introduce and market the ideas relevant to the consumers and, hence, to the market itself. One of the most conventional ways of introducing a business to someone else is through the use of business cards.

When one meets someone, a stranger to one’s occupation, a business card offered acts as the first and foremost introduction. This first look is pretty important in deciding the future course of a business relationship. Designing a good and effective business card is one of the biggest hassles for any businessperson. Here are some ways of creating a good business card:

1. Use Sober and Soothing Color Schemes

The colors to be used in the business cards should never be too flaunty or loud. Sober colors used in the cards make you look more serious and mature. While too much use of bright and sparkling may grab a few eyeballs,it also seems naïve, hence, does not have a very long lasting impression upon the recipient.

2. Do Not Experiment Too Much With the Design

Innovation is nice and most of the time pays well too; but when overdone, may seem unplanned and offer a faint impression. A business thatis not properly planned does not pose a viable option to the prospective investors or the consumers.

3. Make Sure that the Text is Clear and Reader Friendly

Do not write too much information on the card making it look congested. Too much information takes away the interest from the card itself. So try to provide only necessary info and that too in a font style and size that may be easily comprehended.

4. Choose Standard Sized Cards

In the corporate world, while people want to come across out-of-the-box ideas, at the same time, they are highly skeptical about deviation from the standard issue of objects and accessories being used in their surroundings.So it is very important to make sure that the card size is appropriate and doesn’t look odd to an observant eye.

5. Provide Ample Information About the Business

The basic purpose of a business card is to introduce your business and attract theattention of all towards it. It is also meant to give commonplace info about the establishment. This isvery important as it is the first view of your business capabilities and perspective.

6. Provide Relevant Contact Information

A business card must carry enough information about the whereabouts and contact details of the business. The immediate step after attracting attention to the product and the business is the follow-up that an interested stakeholder may do. This isvery important because no business activity is completed without the follow-up step.

7. Include the logo, If Available

A graphical representation is more likely to grab attention than plainly written text. It is well said that ’An image speaks more than a hundred words.’ So if a logo is available, then it is advisable to put it on the card so as to imprint a graphic image of your initiative.

8. Include your website URL

Your business card is an introduction, and your website is the whole story. Don’t forget to mention your company website URL. This will help the client know more about you and contact you in the future.

9. Use all the Available Space to Advertise Wisely

Make sure the space that is available on the card is utilized efficiently and effectively, and worthy information is provided on the card for the prospective consumer to get back to.

10. Your professional picture

A small but clear picture of yours on the card might do wonders for you. This will help the reader go down the memory lane and recognize you in an instant. This will also help him remember what exactly you guys talked about.

A businesscard is your business’s introduction to the other person. Make it sleek and worth remembering!

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Sawaram Suthar is a self-motivated Digital Marketing Consultant. He contributes new ideas and tips on digital marketing, mobile apps, web design and small business on his blog Follow him on Twitter @sawarams

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