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10 Must-Have Apps For Webmasters

If you’re a website owner, then you know the importance of staying on top of its content, SEO relevance and beating out your competition with exciting web features that will leave you audience wanting more. Here are ten of the best webmaster apps around. Install them on your iPhone and accumulate more of a fan base that you could imagine.

  1. Chartbeat. Chartbeat is a valuable iPhone app for any webmaster and for a monthly $9.99 charge, it’s a deal. Manage the amount of users that visit any one of your websites at any time. Discover when your website hits an all time user high or which sites need some work.
  2. Domain Scout. Domain Scout allows you to stay on top of which domains are taken and which aren’t, which can really come in handy if you’re the type of webmaster who is always adding more sites to your repertoire. Find the perfect domain name each and every time with this handy iPhone app.
  3. WordPress 2. What webmaster couldn’t use a free iPhone app, especially one that allows you to manage your blogs, websites and upload photos while stuck in traffic or waiting to check out at the grocery store?
  4. Pingdom. Nothing can put a webmaster in a bad mood quite like their site going down without them knowing about it. With the Pingdom app, you’ll never again be in the dark about your website’s status. For $9.95 a month, stay notified of your website and be informed the minute it goes down through email, text or Twitter.
  5. Web Source Viewer. Any web developer or webmaster will love this simple, easy to follow app. Enter the URL and it will display the HTML for you.
  6. iWebmaster. Want to have access to a variety of reports about your website, including SEO ranking, Google pagerank and IP address information? Then install the iWebmaster to your iPhone and always stay connected to your website’s status.
  7. HTML Writer. Edit your HTML on the go? A webmaster’s dream! Email HTML files, preview your HTML page and organize your local files for just $2.99.
  8. HTML Cheat Sheet. So you’re a webmaster that knows all there is to know about HTML? This app would like to challenge that. Even the most experienced webmaster could use some reminders when it comes to proper coding and that’s when this app comes in handy. Install it for $0.99 and never be without the info you need.
  9. jQuery Cheat Sheet. Do you want to have the most popular Javascript library in the palm of your hand? Then be sure to install jQuery Cheat Sheet to your iPhone. As you develop your latest project, stay connected without having to do unnecessary searches.
  10. SEO It. Know which keywords are optimized for a particular website and improve your site’s success with the click of a button! Learn about your website’s keyword density and the tools necessary to improve its page ranking.

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E. W. Steadham writes for Mintleaf Studio. When it comes to web design melbourne may not be the first place that comes to mind, but click here to find out why our little design studio has become so popular!



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