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Home Improvement

10 DIY Projects That Will Improve Your Home

With the changing season comes a renewed effort to make your home look good. You might be under more pressure than normal if you are hosting for Christmas this year!

Improving your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, learning a little bit of DIY can help you to improve the look and feel of your home for relatively cheap, even free in some cases!

There’s a lot of work that goes into making your home look and feel like home and there’s a lot of ways to go about it. If you’re the handy type, we’ve got a couple of projects for you to try out yourself at home!


Why should you go down the DIY route rather than hiring a professional? How much will something like that cost?

One great reason is that you could improve your home for a lot less than it would cost to hire a professional, but another great reason is that you can do something in your home to feel really proud of.

You could look at your creation every day and think “I did that!”. It’s a great feeling to have!

Projects To Try

If you’ve been inspired to get into the DIY spirit, take a look at these ten projects you can do with minimal skill or equipment.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Changing your HVAC filter is an easy project that can have a big impact on the efficiency of your system, keeping it running at peak performance. It’s also a great opportunity to clean up your system!

If you’ve never changed your HVAC filter yourself, check out this article on how to replace air filter for a great guide.

Paint Your Walls

Painting your walls is a great way to add a splash of color and personality to your home. If you’ve never tried painting before, it’s an excellent project to start with because if you get something wrong, it can be easily amended.

Paint Tricks

Here are some extra tips for getting the best possible painting results:

  • Use paintable caulk around windows and doors during the job. It makes touch-ups easier after you’re done painting.
  • Always do at least two coats of paint, the first coat gets the surface ready; the second coat covers up imperfections in your walls or smooths everything out.
  • Thin out the first coat of emulsion with water if you are going to be painting onto freshly plastered walls and allow a lot (more than you think!) to dry or the next coat of paint won’t stick properly.

Clean Your Ceiling

Cleaning your ceiling is a great way to get the most from an already tidy room. It’s a project that can be completed in a few hours and will give you a room with limitless potential.

If your ceiling is looking a little worse for wear, don’t worry. Here are some tips on how to clean your ceiling, there are lots of different techniques depending on how grimy it is!

DIY Lighting

Lighting can be expensive but with some simple DIY skills, you can put together a beautiful new light fixture for a fraction of the cost of buying one ready-made. New bulbs can also be expensive if you have a whole house to replace.

Using your DIY lighting skills, it’s possible to create totally unique pieces that are the perfect fit for the space they’re in.

Here are some light fixture ideas to get you started on your next project!

Dust It All Down

Cleaning your home isn’t just about tidying up. You also have to think about dusting! Exposed electrical sockets are especially vulnerable to build-up which can lead to fire hazards.

Dust also reduces the effectiveness of your central heating and cooling system, so it’s important to clean them regularly.

Here’s a great article on how to clean electrical sockets for some guidance on how to protect your home from damaging dust.

Install Faucet Aerator

Aerators on faucets are a great way to save money and water without noticing any difference in the flow rate. They don’t cost much and can save you literally thousands of gallons of water over their lifetime!

Faucet aerators make water flow slower by spreading it out as it flows through the pipes.

Change Your Baseboards

An easy way to add a splash of personality and style to your home is by changing or adding baseboards.

You can buy prefabricated baseboards that fit into place without too much hassle, but if you want something a bit more unique, you can make your own.

Find out how to add new baseboards in this article.

Clean Your Floorboards

Floorboards that have been damaged by accident, wear and tear or installation mistakes can be a big eyesore. Here is a guide to fixing floorboards.

One tip if you’re going to be cutting your own floorboards is to use a router with a flush-trim bit. It’s the best way to get an even surface on both sides of the board!

DIY Window Treatments

If you’re looking for a way to add personality and style to a room, try some DIY window treatments. There are all sorts of things that you could do including Roman blinds, curtains, or even plywood-based window art.

For Roman blinds, start by choosing the fabric you want to use. Then buy the mounting brackets for your blinds with the poles (if needed) and create your own headrail by gluing pieces of wood together to fit the space perfectly!

Fix That Clogged Shower Head

Limescale is usually the main culprit of a clogged shower head. There are a few things you can try to resolve the issue depending on how bad it is.

If you’re lucky, all you need to do is give it a good shake and the blockage will dislodge. If that doesn’t work, try unscrewing the shower head and wiping out any limescale or dirt with a brush.

If this still doesn’t do the trick, leave your shower head soaking in a bag or bowl of white vinegar overnight and you’ll have a lovely clean shower head ready for your morning soak!

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