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What Effect Does Mattress Choice Have on Your Sleep?

It is standard practice to have that one grumpy person at the work place complaining of having a rough night. Is it something that is beyond their control? Is it a problem they bring upon themselves? It is agreeable that you want to feel like royalty when you wake up. Sleep can have a spillover effect on your health; it is important to have the best sleep you can. The choice of mattress greatly affects your quality of sleep.

Does mattress choice affect sleep?

The quality of sleep you have affects your quality of life and moods. The perfect mattress has no benchmark; it is relative according to individual weight, budget, and preferences. Regardless of this, comfort is paramount. Lying on a mattress, you should always be able to rate your experience as a 3.5 star and above. It should tick the boxes for natural spinal arrangement, back support, body pressure distribution and just the right level of rigidity.

Consider changing your mattress

When you start having a hard time sleeping, the first thing to check on should be your mattress. It is by eliminating the common problems that you’ll get to the bottom of the sleep problem before it takes a toll on your health. You should consider changing your mattress when;

  • You wake up feeling beat up and tender in your pressure points.
  • The sleep is much better somewhere else like the couch or the children’s room.
  • The mattress surface is uneven and does not return to position after resting on it.
  • There’s just a spot on the mattress that is more comfortable than other places
  • The bed is noisy when you turn over
  • When you roll more times than average in a night.

Complete rest for your body

Sleep is therapeutic and is the body’s natural supplement. The body has a natural way of responding to different situations. Rolling over more times than is necessary is a way of your body responding to a very firm mattress or a mattress that retains a lot of heat. If you can check out check out nectar’s full review, you will learn that firm does not always translate to comfort. If you do not have enough weight for the density of the mattress, it will end up piling pressure on your pressure points since contouring to fit your silhouette is impossible. During sleep, you should rejuvenate and replenish lost energy and a perfect mattress should help you do just that.

How to choose the perfect mattress

By now it is evident that a mattress, like any other thing in the house, should regularly be replaced.  When you hit the bed, it is supposed to boost your health and energy levels. Some mattress companies will allow you to have in-house testing for them. A mattress decision should be informed by breathability, heat dissipation and quality of material making up topper and covers. The type of foam should be chosen wisely.

Memory foam mattresses are very efficient. Memory foams are easily available and come cheap while still providing all the premium features of support and comfort. Latex foam mattresses are also a perfect choice but since they are relatively new, they tend to be expensive. In the same vein, the base of the mattress should allow for circulation. A mattress is as good as its base, and a slatted one is efficient for optimum air flow and amplifying the natural spring of a mattress.

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