Satellite TV – The True Home Entertainment Experience

Big-screen TVs were the centre of attention at the International CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. Manufacturers were eager to show off 3D TVs, 4K-resolution TVs and a host of other innovations and developments. But one question remains – what is there to watch on these high-end TVs?

It does not take long after purchasing a HD-capable TV and a Blu-Ray player to become accustomed to watching movies and TV broadcasts in 1080p. Once you have got used to that, the quality of SDTV and DVD-quality viewing material is hardly satisfactory. Unfortunately, most people have huge DVD collections and it will take a lot of time (and money) to re-build an equivalent Blu-Ray collection.


Endless Entertainment

If you want to watch HD-quality TV series, movies and documentaries, then the best thing to do, right now, is use a broadcast service. Streaming services do broadcast in HD in many cases, but it is often limited to 720p and even where 1080p is available, there is no guarantee that your internet connection will be able to provide a high-quality, consistent stream whenever you want it. Satellite TV may be an older technology, but it offers a consistent, reliable viewing experience. The selection of channels is massive and you can pick and choose your own package from lists such as the one available here.

Documentaries, Dramas, Movies and Sports

With programming including dramas such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, documentaries such as Planet Earth and Storm Chasers and a huge selection of sports, including pro-wrestling, all of your favourite basketball and football leagues and mixed martial arts, you should never be short of viewing material. The lag-time between a movie being released at the cinema and it hitting DVD/Blu-Ray and satellite TV is getting shorter, so the selection of movies broadcast on both free and premium movie channels is increasing.

DirecTV offers more than 185 HD channels and the DISH network has a huge selection of full HD channels as well as some that broadcast a mixture of programming. Proponents of streaming and on-demand services love to point to the flexibility that they offer, but they’re forgetting about the issue of quality and reliability.

When you’re planning a movie night at home, you want a service that just works and one that is as close to the cinema as possible. You don’t want to content with buffering, low-quality audio or artefacts on the screen – not when you have a huge LCD TV and a surround-sound system. Instead, you want to dim the lights, lie back on the sofa and enjoy a cinema-like experience in the company of your friends and with fresh popcorn.

Satellite TV is still the premier home-entertainment experience and the best choice for people who want high-quality, rich and varied entertainment.

Alvin Steel

Mike Gallagher is a consumer electronics blogger and TV enthusiast from Hull. He enjoys window-shopping for high-end electronics and watching documentaries and TV series thanks to his satellite TV service, which he found here.

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