5 Stunning Android Apps For A Superb Week!

As per a recent study 300 thousand mobile apps have been developed so far by the users. Each day presents itself with a host of possibilities for new and adventurous apps for its users.

Let’s take a look at the 5 stunning Android apps to make a superb week:

1. √úberConference

This is simply an amazing Android app that makes conference calling easy and quick. Use you contact book to select the contact with whom you wish to set-up the conference with and you are good to go. The app helps you to get to know your conference partner by letting you see their face, and alternatively search for them on social sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. It allows you to record calls, and even generates conversation details after every call. A great way to conference and yet control the overall experience.

2. Diaro

A beautiful way to record all your tasks, expenses, thoughts or just about anything you wish. The app helps you sync this recorded information across your various devices. The information recorded is then displayed in a list or a calendar format for easy viewing and understanding. The offers various cool features such as multilingual support, entry security via passwords, click pictures, data entry customization tools, data backup and much more. Use one of the best data journals for an improved user experience.

3. Hojoki

This is an interesting and useful app which unifies all your apps working in the cloud, for you. The app offers a bundle of sync data via smart push notifications. You get streams of fresh news feeds, share insights and opinions, view e-mails, to name a few, right at your desk. Moreover, the app offers third-party integrations with other apps such as Evernote, Delicious, Highrise, Trello and much more. Simple a great work productivity enhancing tool by Android.

4. Sitegeist

This is a super-informative app that offers you the full details of any location of your choice. It draws information form multiple reliable sources to present to you a complete background of your preferred destination. Grouped under the National Data Apps category Sitegeist makes unfamiliar things or information about a place to your notice just with a tap of your finger. The app gives you the flexibility to even save notes about a particular place and compare information about different places via it.

5. Wave Alarm

This is a truly unique alarm clock that gives you freedom from random silencing of your alarm in the morning. All you have to do is just wave: the gesture is enough to silent it. It utilizes motion control technology and gives you the multiple benefits like analog and digital time features, weather information, 10 sounds to select from, and an exciting new way to rise up to the morning sun.

To Conclude

As per a study by Search Engine Watch, out of the 6.8 billion people on the planet 5.1 billion own a cell-phone. With data revealed from Microsoft Tag states that, 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. It is no wrong to state that apps will revolutionize the future of economies in times to come.

Alan Hall Mobile Application developer in Los Angeles with PLAVEBApps and has experience in both mobile and advanced web apps development. He is an avid basketball fan and never misses any match played by his favorite teams. He also likes to write on various technical topics whenever he gets the time and shares them on various guest-blogging websites.

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2 Responses to "5 Stunning Android Apps For A Superb Week!"

  1. Great apps mentioned in the post..
    As mobile devices have became part of the life it is necessary to be updated with the new applications. As most of users have a smartphone many new developments are happening in the android market to attract the users.

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  2. Astoria says:

    The number of mobile users grows rapidly day by day, and eager to know the updated apps for their smartphones and i think smartphone apps now becomes a part of our daily life.

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