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Why Minimalist Product Packaging Design is so Effective

What is a minimalist packaging design? What are the benefits of this type of design? Why has it become so popular in recent years? How can minimalist package design be created? What are the main features of minimalist design? If you are also looking for answers to these questions then you have reached the right place since we will be exploring what minimalist packaging design is and how it can benefit your business develop a unique identity for your products.

What is minimalist product packaging?

A recent trend that is becoming popular in the realm of packaging design is known as minimalism. Proper design of the packaging is considered a key element when it comes to branding of a product and as such, minimalist packaging that is devoid of overt branding tends to make a positive visual statement.

However, designers utilizing minimalist packaging need to be precise as if done incorrectly, the design can appear to be missing visual style or unfinished. On the other hand, when properly executed, minimalism can make the packaging appear to be elegant and spacious.

Many people find it really appealing to have a package design which has less clutter. Customers do not actually look for products that are too showy or loud. Minimalist design comprising of simple typography and subtle and soft color palette can be quite effective in drawing attention.

Reduced brand messaging through visuals also speaks volumes about the product’s quality and signifies that quality of the product would be deciding factor for its value.

Benefits of Minimalist Packaging Design

Minimalist design is actually not devoid of design, but it is a form of the highly focused and precise design strategy that is able to convey the brand message in a concise and clear manner. Minimalist packaging succeeds since it lets consumers focus on fewer details, the ones which are really important for your product, making it a versatile option to select.

Similar to how we expect stores with luxurious products to have less clutter, minimalism is also perceived as selective, curated, and premium.

There are several other benefits of minimalist packaging design, let us go through the details here.

Reduce Use of Packaging Material | Reduce Shipping Expenditure | Reduce Environmental Impact | Reduce Time to Market | Achieve Sophisticated Look and Feel | Highlight Simplicity | Achieve Clarity

  • Reduce Use of Packaging Material: Apart from being aesthetically appealing, minimalist packaging also helps you save on packaging material that is required.
  • Reduce Shipping Expenditure: Minimalist packaging often tends to be lighter and if the product is being shipped to far off places then you will save significantly on shipping cost due to their weight.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact: If the packaging makes use of less number of materials then it becomes easier to recycle the same. This, in turn, helps in improving environmental credibility and reduces environmental impact.
  • Reduce Time to Market: Minimalism in packaging helps in reducing cycle time involved in packaging commercialization. It also assists packaging teams to bring product packaging more quickly and efficiently to market.
  • Achieve Sophisticated Look and Feel: If the product packaging is free of clutter then it exudes a sense of confidence. It tells consumers that the qualities of your product are capable of representing themselves without requiring any flashy graphics to draw the attention of customers.
  • Highlight Simplicity: Minimalist packaging design is often more eye-catching and intuitive compared to elaborate designs. When the rest of the products on a store shelf are overflowing with the visual and textual matter, your minimalist design will certainly stand out.
  • Achieve Clarity: In minimalist design, there is a very less visual distraction, which helps in clearly communicating what the product is about.

Features of minimalist packaging design

The main feature of the minimalist packaging design is that it does not contain distracting graphical elements. This feature helps your product stand out from your competitors by conveying a focused brand message that is easy to comprehend.

Consumers are able to easily identify your product and make a quick purchase decision due to the simplicity of your marketing message.

How to create a minimalist packaging design

By carefully selecting colors, fonts, and shapes, packaging design agencies craft out something that is truly minimalist and less cluttered.


The basic theme of minimalist design is the use of plenty of white space with careful use of colors. The aim is to utilize a maximum of one or two colors to convey the branding message. When the packaging is of large scale what designers do is select several shades of the same color to keep the color palette minimal.


As with colors, designers select fonts comprising of simple strokes and clean lines. In addition, they ensure that fonts are legible and the text is kept short. The text is either kept very large or small to draw the attention of customers.

Why minimalist packaging design is so popular

There are several reasons for the popularity of minimalist design, let us look at them here.

Preference for Simplified Designs: People nowadays prefer to avoid clutter and pay more attention to packaging that conveys the message in a simplified manner so that they can easily break through the noise.

Expectancy about Communication: In the age of the internet, customers are a lot more educated and aware than they used to be and as such, they expect businesses to provide honest communication that would help them make a faster purchase decision. If the package design is overloaded with information and graphics then making such a purchase decision becomes a difficult task.

To summarize we can say that minimalism in packaging design is more than a trend and will become more popular as time passes. With its branding benefits, businesses are paying attention to minimalist packaging design so that their product stands out from rest of the products on the store shelf, displaying clean design and short as well as crisp message highlighting what the product is about.

Marinos is the founder at MGS Marketing Print.Graphics - a marketing, design, printing, and creative agency in Toronto . Marinos' skill set and experience in the print and graphics industry stems 15+ years experience, and his greatest expertise revolves in the world of interactive design.

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