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Why is YouTube the Best Platform for Realizing yourself in Video Blogging?

YouTube occupies a leading position among sites worldwide in terms of the number of daily visitors. The platform function is simple and understandable to every user. You can upload your videos and share them with friends and subscribers, as well as watch the content of other users. The site has been in existence since 2005, but it gained particular popularity in early 2010 when bloggers began to appear on the social network. Among the popular channels, you can find everything you want: reviews of popular products, news bulletins, music videos, journalistic interviews and investigations, clips of popular musicians, and even archival recordings of long-forgotten TV shows.

Now  YouTube is an analogue of television and the content creators are the hosts of programs on various topics. The video hosting audience knows no boundaries – both young children and elderly people find interesting videos for themselves. By the way, for young viewers, the developers have created a separate YouTube Kids application that filters content and shows only those that are suitable for viewers under 12 years old. Active Internet users prefer this platform, and completely stop watching TV shows. And many new TVs have YouTube installed by default so that customers can enjoy their favorite shows on the big screen. But that’s not all.

It will not be a revelation to anyone that making money on video hosting is quite real. Now YouTube is a real business machine through which you can effectively develop your brand or company. The developers of the site actively support content makers with monetization. In order for monetization to be launched, the channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views of your videos. Of course, in the initial stages, you will not receive millions of dollars, but for every thousand views of ads on your profile, you will be rewarded with at least 0.5 to 6 dollars. Monetization revenue depends directly on the activity on your channel. The more people are interested in you, the more revenue video blogging will bring you. Important indicators are such as the number of views and subscribers. YouTube’s algorithms are arranged as follows: the user enters his query into the search bar, the service selects keywords from there, and offers to watch videos that contain such tags. But the first in the search, of course, will be the shows of those authors who have a lot of activity on the channel.

Everyone wants to develop quickly and increase the audience. Therefore, novice bloggers are looking for an opportunity to quickly and effectively attract followers. Unfortunately, there are not so many free ways to promote and they are considered ineffective because the number of followers is added very slowly. Therefore, paid methods of promotion are popular among bloggers: buying advertising from reputable bloggers and buying real subscribers.  Celebrity advertising is a very expensive service that not every beginner can afford. Of course, this is very effective, but not everyone is ready to spend large amounts of money on their promotion. More real for a novice blogger, but no less effective way of promotion is offered by services from which you can buy youtube subscribers cheap.  However, you should know that not all companies that offer such services can be trusted. Choose the service wisely, otherwise, the money will go nowhere, and you will not be left with real people, but with ordinary bots that will definitely not help in your business. On the contrary, it can harm the channel’s statistics and all your efforts will be in vain.

Making videos and posting them on YouTube is a great idea if you are a charismatic person and you have something to share with people. Social media networks provide an excellent opportunity for those who want to become the author of the content. A large diverse audience, support for video makers through monetization, paid subscriptions to the channel, and a lot of advertisers – is this not the answer to the question of why YouTube is considered the best hosting for your realization?

Shoot videos, share them, try yourself in new areas, and open up to this world!

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