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Why is Whitelabel P2E NFT Game The Go-To Business Making It Big in Web3?

The world’s most prominent sports governing body FIFA venturing into the P2E NFT gaming space indicates the phenomenal success of P2E NFT games. Ahead of the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA announced that it would release Web3 games to promote soccer and entertainment fans. Due to this enormous success, multiple game development companies like GameOn, Epic Games, and SEGA have started to venture into the Web3 gaming space. Though the NFT gaming market is highly bankable, many startups and small companies may lack the funds and time to kick-start their endeavor in the P2E NFT gaming arena. This is where Whitelabel P2E NFT game development comes to the rescue.

P2E NFT games

Play-to-earn NFT game is a blockchain-based gaming platform that allows players to monetize their time and effort on a game. Players can mint rewards and the in-game awards they’ve won as NFTs on marketplaces. These in-game assets include weapons, boosters, skins, tracks, etc.

All transactions on the platform are recorded on a blockchain, enabling you to prove the ownership and authenticity of your NFT anytime and anywhere.

Features of a P2E NFT game

Customizable Avatars

Gamers play the game as avatars, and they can customize the looks and attributes of these avatars according to their requirements.

Crypto Wallets

Users can create an account with the in-built crypto wallet or sign in with their preferred crypto wallet and use them for trading and storing NFTs.


Users can sell their NFTs through auctions on the game marketplace. Users can sell their NFT on an auction by entering the initial price, start date, and expiration date.

Integrated Marketplace

NFT gaming platforms come with an integrated NFT marketplace that facilitates the trade of gaming assets.

Search Bar

A search bar integrated with filters can assist users in finding their desired gaming assets and NFTs on the platform.

Players Dashboard

All players on the platform will have a dashboard on which they can view their NFTS, history of transactions, and more.

P2E NFT game development process

Ideation and Requirements Audit

The first step in creating a P2E NFT game is ideating and auditing the requirements. Decide on what type of game you wish to develop, in-game collectibles, storylines, and other essentials of your game.

In-Game Asset Development

Once you’ve ideated your game, you can start developing the in-game assets. Hire proficient blockchain developers to create NFTs for your game assets.

Game Development

You can start working on your P2E gaming platform based on your requirements and inputs. Prepare a prototype and start customizing with further specifications on the iterations.

Marketplace Development

Once you’ve developed the game and in-game assets, you can integrate them with the marketplace.


The final phase of your game development process is testing. Hire a proficient QA team to run multiple test runs on the platform and look for pitfalls and errors. Resolve all errors and bugs you’ve encountered.


Once you’ve tested your platform, you can launch it for public usage. Promote and market the platform to create hype around your game before its release.

Whitelabel P2E NFT game

As the Web3 gaming market grows, many game enthusiasts and developers have started creating their own P2E NFT gaming platforms. Companies who cannot afford to build an NFT gaming platform from scratch opt for a Whitelabel P2E NFT gaming solution from an experienced P2E game development company. Reasons startups and small enterprises opt for Whitelabel NFT gaming platforms:

  • Whitelabel solutions are highly time and cost-effective.
  • Errors and bugs on a Whitelabel solution are unlikely, as the platform is already tested multiple times.
  • Whitelabel gaming platforms are primarily based on popular scripts; marketing and promoting such a gaming platform is straightforward.
  • Whitelabel solutions are easily upgradeable; therefore, you can stay up with the latest trends in the gaming industry.

Popular Whitelabel P2E NFT games

  • Axie Infinity-like NFT game
  • Sorare-like NFT game
  • Decentraland-like NFT game
  • Dungeonswap-like NFT game
  • CryptoKitties-like NFT game
  • Evolution-like NFT game
  • My Crypto Heroes-like NFT game

Closing Thoughts

Players can have attractive incentives on P2E NFT gaming platforms by investing sufficient monetary resources and time. If you’re looking to build your own NFT game within a stipulated time and budget, opting for a Whitelabel P2E NFT Game from a competent NFT game company can be a perfect choice.

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