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Why Financial Education is a Must For The Youth Today?

Where to start financial education?

Unfortunately, there are very few primary schools and families who consider financial matters in their curriculum and discourse. The first thing to note is that everything starts at home. You have to remember that you are the biggest role model for your children, so you should start with yourself. So you need to have good financial support, keep a personal budget, and make reasonable home purchases so that children grow up in this “financial” environment and assume that this is normal in family life. And is saving a major issue that should be introduced to children as a precaution? A good example of this is when the whole family adheres to the family budget and highlights it, teaching survivors the importance of saving as an expense to reach certain goals or in an emergency. Must have.

Why is it important?

It is important to talk to your children about money. It’s not about reading their deep concepts about money functions or economic laws. This is just to explain that this money can be obtained from work and it is not something that ATMs want whenever they want. You can take advantage of different times of the day to talk about this topic naturally and fluidly, they don’t need strict classes. A good practical idea is that when you go to the market, at the cashier or bank, you can take advantage of the situation that is being done and explain the method of starting the money. When children enter the advanced stage of school, they will be able to cover their weekly or child money, for example, to spend their lunch or breakfast. The key is that with that money they know is limited and you can buy everything you want. This will give them the first concepts of priority and the difference between needs and desires.

Use where it is needed!

This is the first place in which they understand what personal budget means because when money is received from time to time, it can be spent in such a way that it is not only spent. Save them and reach them the next day. And utilize it for genuine reasons like finance assignment help. It is common for children to be scattered in the world of television and video, so they do not miss the tremendous advertising rain that fills these channels. So you must share them with those hours and show ads that explain that it’s not necessary to present all of these things and that what appears to be better than what they offer. A good idea is to take them to the market or mall and show them that the different products seen on television are not the same in real life and teach them to choose and advertise prices and standards.

Parents – The best financial guide

After educating children financially, we don’t train mini-economies, but the idea is to provide them with an elementary education that allows them to manage their money wisely in the future. We must remember that the best example is the father or mother. So we must start by making financial management and consumption accountable. So that children grow up in a financially organized and stable environment.

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