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What To Expect In The Casino Industry In 2021

It has been a tough year for most and many will be very pleased to see 2020 coming to an end. It has been a transformative year and no one knows the full damage of what the pandemic has caused. As a treat for readers of this article, if you click here you can get access to one of the best free casino promotion for 2021. Below are the trends of what to expect in the industry heading into 2021.

Bitcoin Starting To Compete Against Real Money

Bitcoin was invented to be hard money that can not be created out of thin air like the central banks around the world are currently doing. Due to quantitative easing, BTC is now starting to grow at a staggering rate and will soon be over its record of just over $20,000 per bitcoin. It is already a popular currency with gamblers due to the advantages it presents them when compared with real money and will get even more popular during 2021.

Blockchain Technology Been Used To Create New Gambling Concepts

Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin and it has been used to create new concepts that are going to transform most industries. In the gambling industry developers are using it to create an environment that players can completely trust. It is doing this by using a public ledger to display the results of bets that can then be verified. It is called provably fair gaming and it is taking off in a big way.

Land-based Casino Close At Record Rates

The gambling industry did not manage to completely escape the damage caused by the pandemic. The biggest hit is land-based casinos such as those in Las Vegas where tourists have not been able to visit for quite some time now. It is going to result in record closures as companies are running out of funds to cover operations.

Online Casinos Continue To Grow

While times have been tough for land-based operators, online casinos have boomed in 2020 and the same is expected next year. There have been two major factors that have caused this boom. The first is the lockdown and boredom. The second is the fact that there were no sporting events taking place so sports bettors made the switch to riskier casino games.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has shaken up the gambling world and those whose operations were based online have succeeded but those who have land-based models are going to have to implement wholesale changes to survive. New technology like bitcoin and the blockchain could help bring new life into casinos. It will mean that the tech-savvy operators will be the ones that dominate in the coming years.

Next year will be similar to the year we have just had but should get better as the year progresses and the vaccine starts to help bring Covid-19 under control. If it does not then we are looking at major problems ahead as society as we know it will need to change to cope with the economic downturn.

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