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What Makes the MG 5 A Good Car for PCO Hire?

The MG 5 is an exceptional PCO car rental option with great mileage, quiet yet reliable drive with lots of space – available at affordable rental rates.

If you’re planning to rent a car for PCO driving, you’d want to take your time to scout out the best options within your budget. Spending that extra time can make it easier to get something that offers tremendous value. For most people, the MG 5 might be that car.

If you’re unsure if it’s the right fit for you, these are some reasons why you should be eyeing it as your next PCO car hire in London.

Reliable Drive for London Roads

Many reviewers were pleasantly surprised with how great the front-wheel drive of the MG 5 was. It has a fairly solid suspension, reliable brakes, and enough horsepower to help you get around the city without worrying about the random bump and pothole running your experience.

The comfortable steering and turning circles make it easier to maneuver on those Soho roads when the public is out and about. The excellent grip on the road is a must-have for any PCO car, especially for those sudden changes in traffic you might expect after those Premier League games.

Exceptional Mileage

The MG 5 is equipped with a 52kWh battery that offers 210 miles of use. If these numbers aren’t impressive, note that most PCO drivers drive, on average, 100 miles per day. You can get approximately two days off a single charge.

If you’re working smartly and charging it in between breaks, you won’t drain the battery that requires larger charging sessions. There’s also the regenerative charging upon hitting the brakes, allowing you extra charge to make that final stretch to the charging station.

Quiet as a Mouse

Many people prefer electric cars because of how quiet they’re on the road. With the MG 5, you’ll only hear the engine whine when you start. But once you’re on the road, you’ll be hard-pressed to complain about the sound. Especially with the loud traffic in London for most of the day, having no silence is a blessing, and the MG 5 comes in clutch.

Thought Out Interiors

The MG 5’s interior is fairly distinct – all black and not for the fan of Elvis. While it hasn’t been decked with premium materials, it’s anything but cheap. The central infotainment touchscreen isn’t one of those cheap panels, being fairly accessible and worth checking out. It comes with Android Auto and Apple, and the overall user experience of the infotainment isn’t a gimmick and is one of the more commendable implementations.

You won’t feel any rumble like many cheaper cars when you’re on the road at higher speeds. If you’re on a long drive, the MG 5 won’t get uncomfortable at any point.


Being an estate vehicle, it would be unacceptable if the MG 5 did not provide much space. Got luggage with you? No problem with this one. Taller passengers and drivers will appreciate the fairly ample head and leg room that you’ve got, especially in the back. Estate cars are a no-brainer for PCO vehicles, considering how important spaciousness is.

When it comes to the seats being on, there are approximately 464 liters of space. For PCO drivers that pick up passengers from Heathrow quite often, you can’t go wrong with this car or the Nissan Leaf PCO car hire, which deserves a shout-out in this category.

Affordable Rental Prices

Considering that it’s an estate vehicle, many would be under the assumption that the MG 5 would be much more expensive than some premium cars. On average, the car goes for £200 per week. Many would consider this a steal deal. When you factor in costs like maintenance, service, MOT tests, and insurance, it’s a solid deal.

The MG 5 has a high market price, but PCO car hire in London has made cars like the MG 5 easier to acquire and use for your PCO needs.

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