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What Kind of Live Entertainment will be Best?

Hosting a large event, conference, or wedding requires a lot of planning. Between choosing a venue, coming up with a design scheme, creating a menu, sending invitations or promoting the event, and keeping track of RSVPs and payments to vendors, it can be overwhelming.

Among all of the other decisions that need to be made, you’ll also want to hire live entertainment. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you may be asking yourself, what kind of live entertainment will be best? A myriad of options presents themselves including comedians, musicians, singers, motivational speakers, and dancers. The best live entertainment to book really depends on the type of the event as you’ll see as you read further.

Business Conference

In 2016, more than 5,200 meetings were held every single day. A business conference can range from one short afternoon to multiple days, offering you the most options for entertainment. A morning session would likely include a motivational speaker. By including this morning session, it’s a great way to get your employees pumped up, ready to learn, and work hard throughout the event and possibly back in the office too. When all of the work is done, provide dinner and dancing to your employees and hire a professional DJ or band. Colleagues will appreciate the fun experience and can help to create better camaraderie in the workplace.

Employee Appreciation Event

Companies commonly host appreciation events, such as picnics, team building, holiday parties or group meals. Adding live entertainment to the event is a sure way to make your guests happy. Although musicians, singers, and DJs are always a great option, consider being more creative at your next event. Comedians will get the crowd laughing, which can be the perfect way to encourage colleagues to bond, and magicians and circus acts aren’t just for children.

Children’s Birthday

Although it may seem like your options are limited to balloon artists or clowns for a children’s birthday, kids usually appreciate a variety of entertainment. For example, you may want to try professional actors dressed as their most beloved princess, magicians who will create a show based on the age of the audience, singers that know every word and every song to their favorite Disney movie, and even circus acts who can wow little eyes with colorful acrobatics.

Weddings and Anniversaries

Music is the most popular type of live entertainment for weddings and anniversaries. Guests want to celebrate the evening by hitting the dance floor. Professional DJs allow for a built-in Master of Ceremonies, a variety of music, and even some comedy in between. Many bands and duos will cover songs from your favorite artist, but they can also play original songs creating a unique and memorable experience.

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