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What is the Value of a Small Business Blog?  

If you’ve had any sort of contact with the business world in the past five years, then you’ve surely heard how important content creation is to marketing success. Just about every marketing firm will advise their clients to begin or maintain a professional blog on their website. And for companies that draw in huge amounts of traffic already, this makes a lot of sense. However, many small business owners may wonder what’s the value of starting a blog on their site. After all, it’s understandable to question the popular appeal of blogs dedicated to real estate trends in Indianapolis or pharmacy POS software services. The truth is though, blogging is a valuable asset for all businesses –– regardless of size or industry. Here are three reasons why:

Blogs Improve SEO

When you start a new website from scratch, Google and other search engines won’t know what to make of it. You have to start writing content before search engines can “crawl” your pages and determine what exactly your site is about. Blogging, therefore, is an effective way to improve your visibility on key topics for your business. If you run a cleaning supply company and write a lot about “disinfectants,” eventually Google will recognize this as a central aspect of your site and your visibility for that keyword will increase as a result. (Note, this is an over-simplified version of SEO tactics for the sake of example. Many other factors influence your web presence, but blogging will help improve it.)

Blogs Answer Tough Questions

Ideally, your web design template should be clean and easy to navigate. And while it’s wise to avoid clutter on some of your most visited pages, it also inhibits your ability to go speak about complex subjects in greater depth. Thankfully, blogs can provide you with a canvas to answer some of your leads’ toughest questions without infringing on the look and feel of the rest of your site.

Blogs Increase Traffic, Leads, & Sales

When it comes to digital marketing, everything is relative. So even though a small business blog won’t garner the kind of traffic that a national brand will, that’s no reason to give up on blogging altogether. Remember, you don’t have to compete with billion-dollar companies online. Instead, by blogging within a specific niche or market, you can increase traffic to your site, lead engagement, and ultimately sales. Modern consumers want information before they make a purchase. Therefore, the more informative your blog is, the better returns you’ll experience as a result. At the end of the day, the benefits of blogging are simple yet profound.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dan Lyles

    October 27, 2018 at 3:59 am

    If not for blogging, I would have given up on a website a long time ago… people are searching for information. when one of your blog articles answers a question, or solves a problem, people don’t forget about you…. I get calls occasionally saying “your article was the only thing I could find to answer my questions”. Those make my day! Just taking the time to explain things to people goes a long way.

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