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What is JQuery UI

JQuery is a set of User Interface Widgets, themes, effects, Interactions that design on the top of the JQuery JavaScript library. If you design High communicative web applications and require adding a separate date selector to design control, then JQuery is the exact Selection.

Motto and Destination

The method of designing and implementing the future of jQuery UI library is transparent, open and it depends on Java UI developers. They allow input from the business people, final users, product managers, experts, and communicative designers.

Beautiful and Nice themes

Widgets should offer the points to start developers to equalize both the communicative and mutual behaviour and prospects everything. The animations will be optional and fixable. The class names used on the internal points and presentational points. JQuery UI starts styling Theme builder or scripted CSS with JQuery UI CSS framework. As soon as possible, the style attributes will be considered as a separate set if the plugin is CSS. That are the Scripts in the way to design simple and clear.

Interaction Design

Each widget is simple and easy for using and aesthetics. We target the best practical examples from desktop and mobile, web applications. In addition, a small component of common sense to design a tough and flexible set of UI widgets that are required visually.


JQuery UI API is built by a simple and easy way of JQuery API. You need components like query, and then call succinct way on the output test. We have suitable defaults to implement the common use cases, which is not required to point out any inbuilt options. In addition, every option is an optional one.

Localization and Internationalization

Required that the world audience will be for only jQuery UI. We have to learn the capability to design our plugins to implement in a variety of languages and sublanguages. By defining the language away from the latest and latest plugin script and offering options for guiding the cultural differences. We can design in an elastic way that is needed for the global community.

Deep Guidance

Every widget should be accessible to JavaScript and it is capable of the users, that who have the disabilities like deafness and blindness. We design components that accessible to implement semantic HTML components like guidelines, WAI-ARIA. Any type of image depended actions that are within the widgets should be just like text equivalents and many more.


Even though we are Initiating and Developing Non-native HTML controls and widgets that designed in a way those Developers on devices and browsers. Unable to guide JavaScript, which is still communicative with the application and website. Many of the UI widgets will go with the practices of enhancements. We are working to enlarge the design to widgets that not exist. In many cases updated components produced from HTML primitives and UI library has paired with famous JavaScript library in the world. We have to lead the example in this world, that is any submitted or sequential in a normal way.  JQuery UI components have to follow the practices that accept by JQuery.

jQuery 1.12 all categories


Transfer Effect


Tooltip widget




Tabs Widget

: table selector


Stacking elements

Spinner widget

Sortable widget

Slider widget

Slider effect

Size effect

Shake effect

Selectmenu widget

Selectable widget


Scale effect

Resizable widget



Pulsate effect

Puff effect

Progressbar widget


Mouse Interaction

Menu widget


Widget Plugin Bridge

Widget factory









Highlight effect


Form reset mixin

Fold effect

:focusable selector

Fade effect

Explode effect




Droppable widget

Drop effect

Draggle widget


Dialog widget

Datepicker widget

:data() selector


Css framework

Controlgroup widget

Colour animation

Clip effect

Checkboxradio widget

Buttonset widget

Button widget

Bounce effect

Blind effect

Autocomplete widget


Accordion widget

Future jQuery mobile

From the last few years, it is difficult for JQuery UI and jQuery Mobile projects. The projects have suffered from resources and no pricing. These type of factors have terminated and developed on both of the projects. For processing this situation we should decide to create some changes over in projects, that how they have to work.

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