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What is Games Technology: How is it Different from Game Development and Game Design?

Games technology is an all-new technology, which assists in building better and bigger games. It is so important in the development of the games that we are playing on different platforms nowadays. It serves as proof that the technology that we have now is constantly changing and is transforming different aspects of our lives, in terms of entertainment.

In this post, we are going to discuss further what games technology is, as well as its difference in game development and game design. If you want to learn about these and more, feel free to give this article a read!

Game Technology: What Really Is It?

Game/s technology actually refers to the development of various supporting technologies for different games. This is particularly independent of certain game design. Further, it focuses on the scheme of a high-performance process of core game-associated functionality.

You may think of it as a low-level technology, which belongs in a certain game engine. The topics that you might label as game technology may include the following:

  • Memory handling
  • File handling
  • Timing
  • Audio processing
  • Collision checking and physics
  • Input polling from devices
  • Rendering algorithms, and more.

You should be an expert in games technology if you are a developer of an engine component or custom game engine, including low-level mechanisms in supporting game development decisions.

The game/s technology today is astounding, and a lot of games on different platforms are utilizing them. Some games that you may find to have been using recent games technology can be found on Check it out!

Game Development& Game Design

Game development actually refers to the use of games technology in building particular game designs. It’s an intermediate in-between game design and game technology. Furthermore, its goal is to build a functional game mechanics, using low-level game technologies.

Being an expert in game development is necessary, especially when you want to make a game. Bear in mind that the algorithms made during the game development are linked to a certain game, while game technological algorithms are agnostic of a certain game.

On the other hand, game design is the conceptualization of a certain game idea, which is independent of certain technologies. This emphasizes coping up with novel gameplay mechanics, which could be fun to play for some users.

This includes the design of a particular story for a certain game, together with the quests, which might be situated in the story, and some other creative aspects of a game. That being said, it goes without saying that it mainly focuses on creativity.

Final Say

There you have it, we hope it is clear to you what games technology is, as well as how it is necessary nowadays. Further, we also hope that the difference between game technology, game development, and game design is clear.

All of these three are very important in the development of the games that entertain us today. Without them, there wouldn’t be any games that will be developed for the next generation. Truly, it is important that they keep on improving for the years to come!

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