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What does it Take to Build a HIPPA Compliant Healthcare App?

App development has really kicked in and all industry segments are being affected by it. The rise in the use of technology is uplifting the lifestyle of the end-users and businesses have started to see gain and profits eventually. Digitization is a never-ending process and every year there is something new launched that is even more exciting than the trend users have been using so far. While there is always more to see, every technology is monitored to ensure it is compliant with government policies. This is needed to ensure the only healthy and fulfilling trend is reaching out to customers.

The compliance check is much needed in case of the healthcare industry. The reason is quite fair that the healthcare industry takes care of all users and it affects their mental and physical health. While we have introduced with bright and exciting healthcare industry trends like mobile apps, wearables watch and more, there is still a need to monitor the compliance.

Healthcare industry trends are monitored by HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. Any business who is involved in developing a healthcare application that deals with healthcare data have to get approval from HIPPA. Two main purposes of HIPPA compliance are:

  • Ensure that the American workers are able to retain their health insurance coverage in cases like changing or losing their job
  • Ensure the protection and confidentiality of the user’s health information

HIPPA compliance pushes a lot of emphasis on maintaining the accountability of the users’ data. They ensure that the healthcare apps maintain and safeguard their user’s data in any circumstances. 4 key rules to ensure accountability phrased by HIPPA are:

  • Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information
  • Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information
  • Enforcement Rule
  • Breach Notification Rule

How to develop a HIPPA compliant healthcare app

1. HIPPA Specialist

All healthcare mobile apps, wearables come under healthcare apps. These need to be compliant as they function according to the data shared by users. To ensure that you develop a HIPPA compliant app, you need to consult a HIPPA specialist. The one who is a qualified specialist especially HIPAA or security expert could define the data and information security requirements for the healthcare app. They can also review the app architecture and suggest modifications in the app complying to the HIPPA rules and regulations.

2. Security Rules

Another aspect to look into is the security rules for all touch points while developing the healthcare apps.

  • Admin requirement: The admin law look into the ways and methods of staff handling protected health information. It means circling the data through right paperwork, forms and training as the mobile app development are processed.
  • Technical Security: This law talks about the encryption, decryption and auditing the data security. This process includes audit controls and emergency access procedures.
  • Physical Security: This law refers to the physical security of data. It contains rules for access controls, device and media controls, and workstation security.

3. Costing

If a business is looking for a mobile app development company that builds the app which is HIPPA compliant, they might find it but at a much higher cost. It is so because HIPAA compliant mobile app adds extra minutiae and complex factors. There is a need to integrate several features like Physical Safeguards, Technical Standards, Documentation Safeguards, Administrative Safeguards, and Breach Notification Norms. This automatically adds up to the costing of the app than any other usual app of other industries.

Thus, its best to find third-party solutions that are already HIPAA compliant. This is best than splurging huge amounts of money on building the app right from the scratch. Few recognized companies like Amazon Web Services and TrueVault are already HIPPA compliant and are responsible for data security.

4. Encryption

While using critical apps, you must have noticed how they are programmed to encrypt sensitive information like passwords. The same could be done with the patient’s data and information as well. To build a HIPPA compliant mobile app or other healthcare devices, mobile app development companies could encrypt the patient details and secure them from several breaches. Also, these encrypted data need to be stored in the system safe so that it is not misused or hacked by hackers easily.

5. App Testing

Last but not least to maintain the HIPPA compliant app, its best to test the app to ensure the quality delivered. While each and every input is implemented to develop a HIPPA compliant app development company need to ensure that it works fine too. This could be approved by the HIPPA specialist and documented further for the team to look at whenever needed. The updates need to be timely as per the compliance rules and new policies as well.


HIPPA has been ensuring that end-users are at no loss when it comes to medical emergency or treatment. It also brings an upliftment for the healthcare industry as more users are favoring the HIPPS compliance. In the era of value-based healthcare services, users have been expecting services that fall under the benefit of multiple usages and secured investment. The growing advancement through such compliance and policies are making it better than what the healthcare industry used to be. The best will always stay upright and upright for all.

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Suyash Kaushik is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and iphone app development services. By creating interactive iphone apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent iphone app development company.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carry

    January 15, 2020 at 4:41 am

    Today we live in a technologically developing world. We need to review all the Applications we might use to make our work simpler and quicker. Thank you for sharing this app for healthcare.

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