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What are the Ways to Earn V-Bucks for Free in Fortnite?

Nowadays, Battle Royale genre is on trending because of its addictiveness. Many popular gaming companies are trying to introduce the Battle Royale mode within their games to offer fabulous gaming experience to their fan base. Fortnite is one of the best Battle Royale games that has taken the gaming industry within no, and achieved the milestone of 10m within a month, although Apex Legends took a week to achieve a milestone of 10m. In Battle Royale games, up to 100 players are landed on an island with a goal of their survival at any cost. Upon landing, the player requires to scavenge for weapons, gears, and equipment before engaging with other players in battles.

How to Earn Free V-Bucks in Fortnite?

For sure, everyone would be familiar with the importance of Fortnite V-Bucks. The primary currency the player needs to unlock premium costumes, weapon skins, gears, and customization items. Without V-Bucks, you can progress through the game, because the free mode comes with limited stuff and won’t reward you with anything. Therefore, the majority of players are out to search for the relatively simple ways of making free in-game currency. The survival of newbies are becoming tough day by day, because hardcore and professional players won’t show mercy during the game and can’t compromise on their victory. Now, there are two options I would like to share before revealing ways you can use to earn free V-Bucks, such as spend real-world money to unlock powerful characters and purchase premium items at a reasonable price in different marketplaces like

Different Ways to Make Free V-Bucks

Firstly, you should know that there’s no way of making in-game currency when playing Battle Royale mode. Secondly, earning V-Bucks is only possible in “Save the World Mode.” Thirdly, you should buy a Fortnite Account from any of your marketplaces where professional players set their accounts with the highest levels for sell. Purchasing account isn’t a bad thing, because it saves a lot of your time, and lets you start your career in Fortnite without investing and wasting time to start from zero. Therefore, I compiled a list of different ways you can use to earn free V-bucks. Let’s get started!

  • Daily Login Rewards – The game intends you to provide different ways of making free in-game currency; therefore, it features a daily reward system that keeps you rewarding with extra stuff, including V-Bucks.
  • Complete Daily Quests – Besides daily rewards, you can earn free v-Bucks by completing daily quests. You have no chance of making free in-game currency other than Save the World Mode.
  • Update Collection Book – When you are in Save the World Mode, the game provides you with rewards for unlocking or collecting defenders, heroes, survivors, and schematics. In short, these items are required to place in the book, which will keep you rewarding with essential rarity and valuable items.
  • Complete Missions – The best way to make free V-bucks is the completion of missions that the player can use to unlock premium stuff. Therefore, Save the World mode is better for making rewards and currency as compared to other modes in Fortnite.

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