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What are the Benefits of Reading?  

There is nothing quite like the joy of settling in with a good book and getting drawn into the story, and yet it can often be something that we stop doing so much as we get older. We have so many other things to do that reading can fall down the priority list, and when we finally get to bed, rather than spending a little time reading, we’re so tired we just go right to sleep.

Although this might be usual and the habit you’ve fallen into, it doesn’t have to be this way, and making time to read every day is actually very important – and easy (you only need ten minutes, so why not switch off the TV ten minutes earlier and read instead, or ignore social media and pick up a book?). Here are some of the benefits of reading to help you realize it’s a good idea to take it up again.

Makes You More Creative

When you read a book, you have to use your imagination. After all, a book is just words on a page, and it’s your mind that conjures up all the images and ideas that you’re presented with. If you want to be more creative, reading books is a great way to do it, as it kickstarts your imagination and helps you to see things and imagine things in a clearer way. You can then use those imaginative, creative skills in your own day-to-day life.

You don’t have to be writing your own book or creating art to benefit from being creative; you can be creative in any part of your life. You might have a job that no one would think of as being creative, such as accountancy or being a doctor, for example, but with some imagination, you could come up with ideas that could change the way you work for the better. The more you read, the more you can improve your own life.

Continuous Learning

Learning shouldn’t stop just because you leave school – learning is something that you should do all your life, as it is something that helps you get further. The more you know about your job, for example, the further you can go in your career. The same is true of a hobby or when you read travel books and then go to that place for real. Knowledge is a crucial part of really experiencing life.

Learning is also a healthy thing to do. When you are always learning, you’ll keep your brain active, and that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline as you get older. This is why it’s important to find senior living apartments in St. Louis, MO that have a well-stocked library so you can keep learning all your life.


Another great benefit of reading as much as you can is that you’ll learn more about yourself. You can finally get away from the hectic world around you and find some peace, and that can help your mind focus on things much more, including working out what you want in life and who you really are.

This is why so many people find books to be a relaxing and almost therapeutic pastime because they allow you to go on a journey of self-discovery, which isn’t easy in most other areas of life. It’s the characters in the books that can really help with this, as you can see yourself reflected in them sometimes, or at least in the things they’re going through. Books can help you stop feeling alone, boost your mood, and help you plan the next steps in life, whatever they might be.

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