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How Valuable the Fuel Management system and Other Management Software are to the Oil Industry

Many stakeholders in the petroleum industry would usually hope that the industry is already utilizing software technology to enhance its operations. Since the petroleum industry is a multi-billion industry, it should be modernized and should adapt to the changes brought about by Information Technology. On the other hand, the petroleum industry seems to be in the tail-end of the list of companies and industries that have already upgraded their systems and have adapted to the latest changes in technology.

Upon a cursory look at the ways the different operations within the oil and gas industries are performed, it is apparent that the utilization of software technology is a bit slow in this industry. It seems that most operations are still handwritten or still using the old excel file in tabulating and tallying what went out and what went in. Moreover, the accounting of commercial fleet fueling may still be in its primitive stage, and is still not replaced by the latest available software in supply chain management. It would definitely be a pity if this is still the case, considering the fact that the prices of oil and gas are exorbitantly high and usually fluctuating. Fleet Fuel Management should never be left at the mercy of manual accounting, and the system should necessarily upgrade to something that is comparable to those of other industries that have already embraced the innovations of Information Technology. The industry is a billion-dollar industry. It behooves therefore that this industry should be at par with other industries in terms of the automation and integration of the different systems and operations within the industry.

A company that operates within the oil and gas industry is surely engaged in myriads of operations. First, there are the drilling operations that should never be left to mere chances and lack of precision. Second, there are also those fleets of trucks and pipes that are utilized in bringing the oil and gas to the different distributing stations. There are also the perennial problems of fluctuating fuel prices, and there are the management problems involving the convenient stores situated in the retail fuel outlets.

There are, however, many ways to enhance and automate the different operations of a petroleum company. One way is to hire an in-house computer and software engineer who can develop software that would facilitate and integrate the different operations of the company. Another alternative is to avail of services that specialize in the productions and development of software that can help integrate and automate the different operations of the company. The former is a good alternative, but the latter would be a more viable way of upgrading the operations of the company.

Highly specialized software developers provide products like ForeFleet that can readily synchronize and upgrade the operations of the fleets of trucks. They can also provide management software that can integrate the supply chain management of the company. The sooner a company upgrades and adapts to the use of different management software, the better will be the prospect of improving and integrating the different operations within the company.


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