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User Feedback is Important to User Acquisition and Retention – Learn How

We are living in an era where customer experience is given a lot of importance and for all the right reasons. In fact, even in the world of mobile application, customer experience is given a lot of importance. That is why, the user experience of an app, the ease of navigation as well as the design of a mobile application are a few of the factors that are of utmost significance to the companies. As, after all, how the app looks and feels gives the first impression to the visitors and the visitors decide a lot based on the first impression of the mobile app.

Why is customer experience becoming more important than ever?

Customer experience is becoming more and more important day by day. Though there are a lot of factors that contribute to the rise of importance of customer experience, one of them is the soaring competition. As the competition is rising, so is the choice with the users. And, therefore, only the products and services which actually stand out are opted by the customers, else, they take no time to switch to the competitor of the firm. Therefore, companies have to give the utmost importance to the interest levels of their customers. This is very true in the world of mobile applications as well.

How significant is user feedback in the world of mobile applications?

More than 90% of smartphone users install mobile applications. As companies have realized the importance of mobile apps, the App Stores or the Play Stores are flooded with mobile applications. A mobile application allows the company to reach to a larger set of audience. At the same time, it is the best way to do business in today’s world. Having said that, it is also utmost important to make sure that the mobile app performs well in the market.

As mentioned above, the number of similar type of mobile apps in the stores is huge. Hence, if a company really has to make sure that their app stands out of the crowd, then they really have to make their app the best possible version available in the store.

Now the question arises, what are the factors that contribute to the success of a mobile application?

Well, there are a host of factors that lead to the success of a mobile application, but the parameter of measuring success remains the number of active mobile app users. Therefore, the main aim of every app marketer is to make sure that the mobile apps not only get maximum visibility but also gets maximum downloads. If an app gets a set (expected) number of downloads and users then the mobile app is said to be ‘beneficial’ for the company.

However, what if the users who install the app or start with it do not stick to it long? Well, there is nothing painful than seeing your customers uninstall your mobile app! Therefore, marketers constantly keep curating strategies in order to not only acquire the customers but to also retain them. As, after all, only when a brand is able to retain their customers and grow the number of users side by side, then only they have chances to succeed in this competitive world.

What is the secret mantra of acquiring more users and even retaining them?

In order to acquire more and more app installers and users, marketing experts of the companies formulate various plans. Most of the mobile app marketing campaigns are centered on acquiring more and more customers by persuading them to click the download links. However, now, that marketers have started reconsidering their acquisition plans, they have realized that their main customer acquisition approach should focus on consumer experience. When the marketers give less importance to only marketing optimizations and more importance to in-app engagement then they automatically start seeing wonders. However, it is not at all easy to engage the customers. Now, this is where the role of attaining enough customer feedback comes into the picture!

User feedback makes it easy to curate powerful app marketing strategies

Customer experience is important for every mobile app owner. And, the best way to know how the customer is feeling is to ‘ask them directly’. This is exactly what ‘user feedback’ is all about. If companies really wish to acquire more and more customers and also retain their existing customers then it is important to focus on ‘how the customers are feeling’.

With the help of various feedback strategies, you can try and attain as much user feedback as possible. Proper analysis of the data generated through the feedback campaigns will give a great idea to the marketers about the app’s current position in the market. Through the feedback insights, marketing experts and the company would know exactly what is required to be done to increase the number of app installs. Also, it is a great way to understand why people are uninstalling the mobile apps. Once the company drills drown the ‘what the customer actually wants’, then the road to success would be easy.

‘User Feedback’ is not just important in the world of mobile application, but in any field. As, after all, a company makes products for the customers and they are the best lot to offer an honest opinion about the brand. User feedback in a way empowers the company to make better business decisions.

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Rosina De Palma is a business development executive at Nex Mobility a reputed enterprise application development company in USA and India. I have a professional team, and they are always ready to help you and give the unique ideas and also give a bright future to your business through iOS and Android application development.

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