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Understanding M2M, its Working and M2M Device Identification

M2M communication can be defined as two machines exchanging data or in other words, communicating without any intervention from humans. This can include wireless connection, power line connection (PLC) or serial connection. With wireless technology, it has become more convenient to use M2M communication for a number of applications. This M2M has taken a new name, the IoT or the internet of things.

Working the M2M

Machine 2 machine communication makes the working of the internet of things possible. This device technology is considered as one of the fastest growing technology as M2M can connect millions of devices within one single network. The range of devices, which can be connected through this includes anything from medical equipment, vending machines to buildings and also vehicles. In short, anything that can house a control technology or sensor can be connected to a wireless network. These M2M networks are similar to WAN or LAN networks. These are exclusively used for sensors, machines, and control to communicate. These devices are able to feed the information they collect, back to other devices in the network. This can be assessed by an intelligent control unit or a human as to what is happening across the network and give the required instructions to the member devices.

M2M Device Identification

To ensure smooth M2M service, M2M device identification vendors give a unique name/code to every device. Whenever they need to access any device, they use this M2M device identification information by sending a request to an application service server.

In other words, by using the device name/code, a request is sent to M2M server to receive data of the device. This involves retrieval of UI template of the device from the storage server.

The M2M Value

Growth in the M2M and IoT markets has been rapid and according to studies, this will continue growing. There are multiple operators of cells, which have realized this and have rolled out their very own M2M platforms. With the passing of time, the costs of these M2M communications seem to have decreased and it is to be decided how to create value for the businesses.

Using an M2M Dedicated Network

Some of the benefits of using a dedicated M2M network are:

  1. This M2M network requires a performance, which is considered as ‘superior’. There is no way of wasting time by having to send signals constantly due to the overcrowding of the network. A network used solely for M2M traffic will not have to experience any delays due to the crowd of consumers using their handsets.
  2. M2M providers who have their own networks have specific tools for monitoring the traffic. The portals can provide transparency into the data, which is generated by their devices that can give you a quick view on the issues that may come up. With the help of a portal dashboard, it is easy to control usage and monitor the activity, which can help you in avoiding overages and managing costs.
  3. Billing options can be changed in the middle of a billing cycle by those operators who have their own networks. This can be a big help in scaling the usage either up or down as required. Quite a few M2M operators offer the options of pay-as-you-go.

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