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Two Reasons Why Data Destruction Is Important

Now that you’ve upgraded the team’s phones so they all have matching iPhone Xs, there’s no reason to keep their old iPhone 6s around. If you feel strange dropping these old phones into the bin, there’s a reason to listen to your gut instincts. Your company should never throw out old phones, computers, or hard drives as if they were discarded takeout containers from the last company lunch. They hold special information that could lead to a breach, even after you’ve wiped them!

Don’t be lax when it comes to your old electronics. If you expect to keep company property safe, you need a specialized service to help you with data destruction. Let’s get into the importance of electronic data destruction by examining two of the top reasons why you need it.

1. Security

For the average person, any information deleted after a wipe or return to factory settings is enough to stop us. They won’t be able to retrieve lost data deleted from hard drives. But some people have more than a passing knowledge of tech. There are some people who know ways of retrieving this information even after a computer or phone says it’s completely empty. These people could find old passwords, financial information, or contact details you thought were gone.

When throwing out old company hardware, you can’t risk someone being able to find commercial property. If customer contact and financial information found through your old tech is used to steal identities, your company could be held responsible by paying huge fines.

Secure electronic data destruction is the only way to keep this information out of criminals’ hands. The sharp teeth of a mobile shredding truck eats through hard drives and other electronics until there’s physically nothing left to read. This process ensures your customers’ information stays safe, and your company is safe from the law.

2. Eco-friendly

Even if your electronics never stored sensitive information, they should never find their way in the regular garbage. When thrown out, these old electronics find their way to landfills where they release harmful toxins into the environment. With over 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste in the world, these toxins are destroying the environment. Unfortunately, the EPA (or the Environment Protection Agency) estimates roughly 85 percent of the world’s e-waste gets sent to landfills.

A dedicated mobile shredding company has eco-friendly methods of disposal, and they’re often paired with the best document shredding Toronto has to offer. Once their mobile trucks’ teeth shred through your old devices and paper documents, these services have a secure recycling program to keep their waste out of landfills.

The bottom line?

It doesn’t matter if you skipped an upgrade cycle to get the iPhone X or if you’re stuck with old hardware for the next several years. Whenever you modernize the office’s electronics, you need to do more than just research the best phone or laptop replacement for your industry. You need to learn how you can dispose of the old devices safely for both your company and the environment. Find a shredding service that offers secure electronic data destruction, and you’ll be set no matter what gadget you choose.

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