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Triumph in your Business with Custom Android Application Development


android development

Today, the Android mobile OS boasts over 80% of the market share, making it the dominant mobile operating system in the world today. Indeed, Android presently runs on a huge number of smart phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Reading this, users might feel that Android development is an easy task. However, just a few years ago, it was a completely different story. During its initial run Android had several problems, ranging from buggy IDEs, OS fragmentation, and unexciting UI. The problems were compounded by slow emulators, which were needed to test apps on a range of android OS versions and various screen devices.

The Improved Android Ecosystem and Custom Android Development

However, things changed and sweeping changes were introduced to the Android ecosystem. New hardware coupled with better software and a new OS in the form of Android 5.0 Lollipop were introduced. A better IDE for Android development was introduced in the form of Android Studio. Additionally, Grade, which is a project automation tool, replaced Apache Ant as a primary build system that was needed for Android based applications. The best of all that happened to Android was the introduction of Android Lollipop 5.0 in the form of the best improvement of Android OS since its introduction. Android was significantly modified and improved and many users reacted positively to the changes.

Android Development and Material Design

With the introduction of Lollipop 5.0, custom android development took a huge swing towards improvement and further enhancement. The introduction of material design – which is the new android UI has swung the fortunes in favor of Android.

Custom Android Development has a lot to imbibe from material design. Since material design has completely changed the look and feel of android applications, custom android designers have a lot to learn from what Google has to say about the concept of motion in Android in the sense that Android provides meaning. Material design responds to every user interaction such as touch and click, while being bold, embracing new vivid colors, and using animations and large fonts at every step. The way that custom design adds life to applications, gives custom android design a whole new meaning.

Android App Development and ART

Additionally, on the inside of Lollipop is Android Run Time (ART), which is now the primary runtime system with the introduction of Lollipop. This has replaced Dalvik and is great primarily because of Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation and provides multidex support out of the box. As a result, apps execute in a shorter time causing less battery drain and do not burden the CPU.

The changing business environment and Android Development

All these development principles have their bearing on Android development. Custom Android development is now more flawless, streamlined, and beautiful. The present days are witnessing apps for smart watches, televisions, and automobiles. More and more devices in the household will run on Android OS such as laptops, tablets, cameras, and a wide range of kitchen appliances. The advancement that developers will have to display for custom android application development will need to be significantly higher, with the advent of what could literally be the Android era of computing and technology.

However, in the present era, smart phones are still the primary devices for Android OS. With the improvement in quality and speed of Android smart phones, today’s world presents a wide range of android devices that are suitable for every one’s budget as well as needs. Due to the wide choice of android run gadgets available today, custom android development services have now gained a lot of prominence presently. Android has become a convenient as well as affordable platform for mobile devices. The security as well as openness of Android makes it a complete mobile operating system.

Android Development now covers the entire Business Spectrum

It is also not surprising to note that Android ecommerce application development services now cover a vast spectrum such as multimedia, games, business, travel, non for profit organizations, and such. Though iOS is a strong contender currently, the market for android apps is increasing rapidly day by day because of the increasing popularity of android phones as well as android apps.

Since Android is open source, it is possible for third party android developers to exploit Android’s open source nature and explore new possibilities as part of Android development. With the help of the Android SDK, it is also possible to create several innovative and dynamic apps. Hence, the possibility of developing some of the best-in-class Android apps for mobile and handheld devices including smart phones and tablets.

Today, Android is definitely the most preferable mobile development system in the world, especially because these features and functionalities. Android can definitely help your expand the frontiers of your business and even taking the burden off the routine tasks that you face in your business. Today, such tasks have become more simplified with the help of custom android apps.

Android app development, which is offered by several companies today, provides a fundamental ground for businesses that need to explore new opportunities across the globe. Most companies take up android app development activities and it has become essential for android app developers to develop a high level of professionalism to develop the best in class apps. Thus, technically sound app developers are the foundation for android app development activity today.


Now that the Android market has grown to an enormous extent, any successful app can pay back handsomely in hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. For programmers who have several years of experience in developing mobile apps for android, then as a company you can hire them as a savvy resource for further app development. At the same time, you too can utilize android app to further your business potential. Hence, why not convert your next business idea with the help of your android development team to a successful android app and win the market for yourself. Hence, why not utilize android and which is open source and free to develop winning applications for your business. Good Luck!

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Henry Atwell is From New Jersey, USA, and has a deep rooted passion for technology. He is an Android app developer since more than three years and associated with Fusion Informatics – A Custom Android Application Development Company. He is an avid writer and often contributes to various blogs and websites.

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