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Top Methods of Cleaning Your Conservatory

A conservatory adds beauty to your house. Previously, conservatories were used only to cultivate plants but nowadays it serves several purposes like study room, gym room, play room or just for spending lazy afternoons. A newly built conservatory is gorgeous to look at. However with the passage of time, the fresh look tends to fade away. Prolonged exposure to elements like dust, mould, mildew, etc can make conservatories look dull and older. It is important to clean conservatories on a regular basis to prevent its damage. Here are some tips of cleaning the conservatory that you can undertake.

1. Cleaning tools and equipments

For cleaning conservatories, certain tools and equipments must be used. Methods like washing the windows and wiping down the frames regularly will keep away all kinds of dust, dirt, mildew built up and so on. However to carry out the more complicated cleanings, you need the assistance of professional companies who come all equipped with tools and workers. This will ensure both safety as well as cleaning the hard areas beyond your reach. A sturdy ladder, usually of light weight is attached to the top of the conservatory for cleaning the roof tops. Then there are telescopic conservatory cleaning brushes, meant for reaching and cleaning those difficult, higher regions. Power washers are used to clean those parts which are not made of glass. These are a few effective equipments required for cleaning, usually adopted by professional companies.

2. Exterior cleaning

It is always said by professionals to clean the exterior of your conservatories every six months to prevent any kind of leakage, roof damage or decay. Clean up clogged gutters and collected debris on the roof which cause maximum damage to your roof. If there is a heap of leaves or twigs and accumulated debris in gutters, it will lead to the growth of algae and moss. Small conservatories are easier to clean up, especially if you are using glass roof tops. But a bigger conservatory, made up of polycarbonate is difficult to handle on your own. While building a conservatory you must choose a roof top that suits the weather of your area. If your area experiences a lot of bad weather, it becomes all the more necessary to clean more often.

3. Interior cleaning

Although it is the exterior which withstands a lot of hard weather and rash climate, the interior of the conservatory requires equal attention. For example, too much of smoking inside the room can cause yellow stains on the frame of the conservatory. Also, if there isn’t proper ventilation, mould and mildew can even grow inside the conservatory. Keeping these in mind, one has to regularly clean up the interiors. While cleaning inside, don’t forget to examine the locks, handles and hinges. Do not use oil for it can cause damage.

4. Roof care

Conservatory roofs are usually made of two types of materials – glass and polycarbonate. Those made up of glass are comparatively easier to clean. You need to wash them with telescopic pole with an attached water feed. Those made of polycarbonate need special treatment. They need to be treated with chemical coatings but most household cleaning products will damage the coating. So it is essential to call up the professionals. Also do not scrub or use petrol based and alkaline cleaners.

5. Safety

While cleaning conservatory, safety is something you have to care about. There can be many kinds of risks including slipping off from heights. Do not go up to the roof tops especially when it is wet and slippery or during windy weather.

6. Professional help

There are a few easy tasks which you can do all by yourself, like cleaning the windows and doors, performing basic maintenance etc. However, other tasks which require working at a height will be risky for you to undertake without any safety equipment. These should be best left with the professionals who have trained and expert workers to deal with all kinds of situation. Plus they come with both cleaning as well as safety kit.

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