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Top Helpful Apps for Students 

Modern students can’t imagine themselves without smartphones and tablets. Creation of useful apps that help people save time and make their life easier is a widespread trend among all mobile app developers.

Various games are still popular, but those companies who orient to a more serious and mature audience, place emphasis on the apps that help people learn new information, take notes, monitor expenses, and do everything to help users be successful people. Of course, the needs of every person are different, so we don’t guarantee that each reader will find the necessary app in the compilation below.

However, all students have similar problems. Even though they attend different institutions and learn different subjects, the inability to cope with multiple responsibilities and duties is a widespread issue. That’s why academic writing services, such as WPS are one of the most helpful websites for all college students. But the aim of this article is to explore the most useful apps, so let’s get to it.


During studying, students have to register on lots of educational websites and other necessary services. Remembering the login and password to each service is an impossible task. Some people often write down this information on separate sheets of paper, but in reality, they are often lost. LastPass saves all your passwords and keeps them safe. The browser extension lets you auto-fill the blank spaces and sign up on the websites faster.


Obtaining a degree without writing academic papers is impossible. If you’ve written an essay or any other paper, you know that this process is daunting. But besides writing, there’s another stage of work that makes this activity daunting. We mean formatting. Creating a bibliography and citations drives students mad. RefMe scans the book’s barcode and creates proper citations in a matter of seconds.  If you’re not good at writing, you’d better order papers from the likes of students feedback.


Keeping track of all exams you need to take, all tasks you must submit soon, and all lectures and conferences you need to visit is a challenge. That’s why creating to-do lists is a convenient way to stay aware of everything. Instead of doing it in paper form, students may opt for using a special app. Any. do is a simple app with a nice interface. Organize your life with the help of to-do lists, set reminders, and synchronize all your notes and plans on different devices to get access to the necessary information from anywhere.

Circle of Six

Entering college or university often presupposes the necessity to move to another city or town. Settling down and exploring the new city takes time, and the risk of getting lost or even becoming the victim of violence is high. Circle of Six aims to help people stay connected and come to the aid to each other in an emergency.


Living without cloud storage is impossible in 2020. The memory of your laptop, smartphone, and tablet isn’t endless. Upload textbooks, photos, and other data systematize it and get access to it from any device. Download Dropbox and don’t worry that you’ll delete the important photo from your smartphone.


If you carry your laptop or tablet PC to college every day and still write notes by hand, you make a big mistake. Evernote stands out among other note-taking apps. Write notes, add photos and videos, systematize them, and study effectively. Writing essays and other papers in such an app lets you quickly correct mistakes and fasten up the process of work. Ask any professional writer how he or she manages to do the job quickly, you’ll surely hear that they write papers in note-taking apps. If you haven’t used any academic writing service, such as Unemployed Professors, you may read Unemployed Professors review to gain insight into the service’s work.

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