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Top Development Tools for WordPress

WordPress is nothing short of a Pandora’s Box, it has everything that a user can ask for. It has a variety of tools to offer you at your disposal. People will ask for more and more and the very reason being that WordPress these days is considered one of the CMS (Content Management System) out there and its development is certainly on a different level.

With these many trends and tools, people would certainly want to make the best use of it, something that gives them fast and efficient results to build their business. If you use the right resources at WordPress there are higher chances of you getting successful. Now, take a look at the top development tools for you to be successful WordPress user.

The Browser Extension

Browser extensions are important tools for your website these are used by WordPress development experts. Some of the best browser extensions are:

Chrome Developer Tool : Now Chrome Developer tools are set of web authoring and dubbing tools built into Google Chrome. By right clicking on a web page, select “Inspect Element” and that will give you a picture of how different elements can be seen in different styles. It will help you see how your site will look on Mobile devices and how to debug JavaScript.

WordPress Site Manager : This extension stores WordPress sites. It also allows you to run multiple websites and without the need to login or logout for each page. It also provides functionality to WordPress theme editor by turning it into CodeMirror editor.

MeasureIt : This tool is for Firefox. You can draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height or even the alignment of the page elements in pixels. This feature is also available to Google Chrome users by a different name called “Dimensions”.

Firebug : This tool helps you edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any webpage. Firebug integrates with Firefox to offer you everything it has to offer.

Code Editors : There are plenty of options for Code Editors or IDEs for you to choose in WordPress like, Atom, Coda, Chocolat and Sublime Text Editor.

Atom : It works with all major operating system, it is completely free, open source and it was made for developers, so it’s extendable and customizable as well. It comes with only one core module which can be expanded with a growing number of user-made packages.

Coda : It is exclusively for Mac and quite popular as well. The interface itself is well-organised and clean that helps you build website in one screen. It has options to improve code readability, project-wide auto completion and automatic tag closing.

Chocolat: The delicious it sounds, its goals are sky-high. It is the best text-editor for Mac OS X for every programming language available out there. It integrates with the OS interface, offering code completion for JS, Python and more. Code folding, split editing, system colour picker are many of its features.

Sublime Text Editor : It offers distraction free writing mode in WordPress for the users who prefer coding in peace and with concentration. It has features like slick design, powerful search, autofill, and autocomplete function and more importantly it works with all major platforms.

Theme Tools & Plugins : You’ll always need the best of plugins and theme tools to make your site better on WordPress. Tools like Theme Check and Monster Widget are quite the popular ones here, which you might want to use.

Theme Check : This is a must have tool for the ones in the theme department. Theme check plugin is an easy way to test your theme and make sure it’s with the latest theme review standard.  You can run all the same automated testing tools on your theme.

Monster Widget : The Monster Widget unifies all 13 core widgets into a single widget enabling theme developers to create multiple instances without any hassle.

The Design Tools : Design tools are important and choosing the right ones is equally important. Design tools like Synoptic Web Designer and Font Awesome helps you design your site the way you want it to be.

Synoptic Web Designer : This tool helps you modify the design, aspect of your website or even your gallery. Without any code, you can modify the WordPress dashboard in just few minutes.

Font Awesome : This tool provides you with scalable vector icons that can be customised instantly. With the power of CSS, size, colour, drop shadow anything can be done.

Productivity Aid : Improving productivity needs is crucial and choosing the appropriate plug in for it will only benefit you. Basecamp is the answer to the solutions you need for the betterment of your website.

Basecamp : Basecamp uses a very simple, visual interface to help the individuals and teams to manage their shared and personal projects and tasks. Its dashboard provides you with an overview of all your discussions, to-do lists, files, text documents and even events at a single glance. This is a must have tool for your productivity.

Thus, these are the tools at your disposal, which you need to use for making your website better on WordPress.

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