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Top 9 Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Home’s Exterior Paint Job

Top 9 Sustainable ways of preserving the home exterior paint job without repainting, you must check out before picking up a can of paint!

Your house exterior paint job is not just a house facelifting element. Instead, it’s a protective layer that keeps the underlying surface materials away from moisture, fading and consequent deterioration. So no matter how cautious and mindful you were during the house exterior painting process, you have to keep the exterior paint job under watch.

So, what are the sustainable ways of preserving the home exterior paint job without repainting? This article enlists the top 9 exterior paint conservation tips you must check out before picking up a can of paint!

Dust Your Walls before Cleaning

Cleaning up your exterior house surface is the most crucial part of wall paint protection and preservation. Cause no matter how much you try, it’s impossible to keep your building away from weather, plants or animals taking tolls on the high traffic areas of walls.

Before you give your exterior walls a thorough cleaning, dust your walls from the top-down, initially with a broom. Then, Brooming, spot-cleaning with microfibre cloths and vacuuming the borders with long-attached nozzles will help you get rid off of loose specks of dirt, grimes and cobwebs.

Many wall finishes are less durable than the others, for instance, water-based paints. For those exterior walls, strictly avoid commercial degreasers, bleach or harsh chemical products. No matter how natural, eco-friendly the cleaning agents are, it’s always best to run a spot-test on an unnoticeable part of your wall to check how well the solution adheres to the wall paint finishes.

Use High-Pressure Washer

Pressure washing your exterior walls is one of the best and fastest cleaning tools alternative to chemical-based products that naturally wash off accumulated smuts and grimes. A pressure washer also saves a lot of time and water. But before you use your pressure washer or rent one, make sure you check your local council water restrictions and follow the guidelines accordingly.

To avoid any potential damage to your exterior wall paints, consider standing a bit far from the walls while using the hose and keep the hose moving back and forth- rather than spraying on one spot directly for too long. For annual spring cleanups, you can use eco-friendly exterior wall washing detergent along with a pressure washer for the best outcome.

Look for Problematic Spots

Every time you perform an exterior wall paint inspection, take pictures of hard to reach photographs and compare them with the previous photos. If you notice any difference but can’t detect the problems, consult with a reliable house painting service and sign up for a professional house exterior inspection. Some of the common exterior wall problems are blistering, cracking, wrinkling, fading and yellowing. The quicker you point out the tough exterior paint spots, the easier it is to prevent your walls from further, more expensive damage repairs.

Inspect the Caulking and Sealants

How often you should inspect your house sealants and caulking largely depends on the age of your house building. If your building is new, consider checking the caulking within the first 12 to 24 months after the construction and painting. If your house property is moderately older, the caulking and sealants can last longer. While inspecting, if you find any cracks or peels. Remove the old caulk using a putty knife and chemical caulk to remove the old caulk. After removing the caulk, clean the surface with an adhesive cleaning compound and apply a new caulk with a caulk gun head at 45 degrees. Re-caulking, however, is a complicated task to do on your own. So consider assigning a professional residential painter to help with an accurate sealant application, including important moisture-release elements and a smooth finish.

Work on Semi-Permanent Stains

Once you’re done cleaning the exterior surface, give yourself some time to work on the stubborn stains resulting from excess moisture reacting with the building materials. Two common types of wall staining are stain due to iron nail rusting or oxidation and stain due to chemical reactions with condensed moisture. Even though colours may seem permanent, these marks can be removed without having to remove the walls. So after cleaning the exterior walls, get stain removing materials like a natural bleaching agent, denatured alcohol, baking soda, water non-abrasive pad and sponge- gently work on the pigments in circular motions for 5-10 mins. Once done, wipe the area with a damp, microfibre cloth and dry off. With the help of residential painters in your area, you can also apply stain-blocking primer coats and let the surface dry for at least 48 hours.

Repair and Clean Faulty Gutters

Another pro tip of keeping your house exterior paint protected is getting the gutters checked and cleaned. Without the required cleaning and maintenance, gutters not only clog inside but also appear to be damp and patch from the outside, caked with streaks of moss, algae, and other organic substance overflows.

Clogged gutters also restrict the proper flow of water, which eventually damages the roofing system and grows disease-causing organisms like pests, infestation etc. (You may also check out some tips on how to hire the right cleaning company). Clogged drains also distort the wall paints and lower the overall valuation of your house. When was the latest time you got your gutters inspected? With the help of a local home improvement professional, get your channels thoroughly inspected and repaired. If the trenches already left strains on your exterior walls, get the walls repainted as soon as possible.

Remove the Mould or Mildew

Lack of proper exterior paint maintenance increases the chance of moisture and mould intrusion, along with problems like dampness, condensation or faulty plumbing systems. To protect and prevent your walls from moulds, you need to get rid of the existing spores. Consider wearing protective gear like long rubber gloves, masks and goggles and scrub the affected spots with water and borax. Once it’s cleaned, wipe up the spillages with a rag dipped in soapy water and let the area dry off immediately. To prevent your exterior walls from mould growth, make sure you monitor your house’s humidity and ventilation system regularly.

Keep the Greenery Trimmed

Just as much as we appreciate a barrier of trees, vines and bushes adding a touch of nature appeal to your house, these are also somewhat responsible for allowing water to get in behind the exterior wall paint, causing mortar damage, infestation and discolouration. So if your trees, vines, branches, shrubs and similar kinds of foliage are grown wild right next to your house or pressed against your walls, maybe it’s about time you give your greenery a few trim-ups every once in a while.

Get Professional Assistance

Exterior painting protection and preservation may seem like an easy task to master, but trust the professionals! There is a reason why people worldwide are heavily reliant on exterior paint job conservation projects on trained painting exports. If you reside in Sydney and search for an all-in-all house external paint job inspection, you can get free quotes from Priority One Coating for residential painting services.

Instead of suggesting the easy yet expensive exterior paint preservation option like repainting, their top-notch artisans will offer more economical, sustainable exterior paint preservation service with lasting results.

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