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Top 8 Cloud Apps To Help You Perform Your Tasks In A Smarter Way

Cloud has become quite a popular term and if you have been around the online arena, then you must have heard about the various useful apps available in the Cloud. As a matter of fact, the Cloud offers a wide range of cutting edge apps that can help the average person in doing things in a smarter way.  Although there are tons of Cloud apps available that meet with multitude of varying needs. However, it is always good to know about some really helpful and beneficial apps. Read further and you will find out about some Cloud based services that will prove to be immensely beneficial for your business.


1. Invoicera

Invoicera is one of the leading online invoicing and time tracking app available in the market. It is a flexible tool designed for smart business start ups and creative professionals looking for a sorted, logical and uncomplicated online application for handling clients and invoices.

2. Blinksale

It is a reliable solution for generating invoices for your clients. It may not possess the advanced features of various paid solutions like invoice template and multiple currency support but it does provide all the other fundamental features of invoicing, for free!


Multimedia is an important feature. But it is not installed on every single machine. Although there are many free and open source tools available that can do the job for you, but you may not always have the time to install image editing software. If it is a video then you will need to store it and find a place that has enough bandwidth to stream it. Some good Cloud apps that can help you with it are.

3. PicNik

It was recently acquired by Google. This app enables you to have basic image editing tools in the cloud, like rotating, cropping, and resizing. It even has sharpening and red-eye removal tools. You can import your pictures from your favorite online photo storage websites, like Flickr, Facebook, and MySpace. You do not have to register in order to use it.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

It imports your pictures from your favorite photo-sharing sites. It also has a robust set of basic image adjustment tools like crop, rotate, exposure, resizing, white balance, saturation etc.


You can not really do with only a robust office suite. You also need a good storage space to put small or large amount of data from where it can be easily accessed by any computer connected to the web.


It is an online storage solution. It provides both consumer and enterprise type storage. You can choose either a free or a paid subscription. Starting with 1 GB, you can have unlimited web storage. You also get mobile app access to your files to share and view, third party widgets and applications etc.

6. Windows Live SkyDrive

It is also a free online storage solution. It provides access to 25 GB of personal storage. It also lets you to opt to publicly share files to those that do not have a Windows Live ID to access. You can also install an Active-X tool on your machine for the drag-and-drop file management.

Office Suite

Running a business is not really a simple task. You never know when you might have to face a problem or a technical glitch. Broken laptops or dying batteries are things that lead to a complete chaos. In such a scenario it becomes quite challenging to make last minute changes to documents, spreadsheets and presentations etc. But thankfully, there are many document editors available on the web that can be used to access from any Internet-connected computer to not only edit but also store your work. Mentioned below are some useful editors.

7. Google Docs

It is a well known and a free online document editor. It lets you create and edit documents online. You can collaborate with other users. It supports many popular file formats. In fact, it is also a mobile friendly version of the app and can also be used for pocket-sized editing of documents on the go.

8. Zoho

It is another free editor that offers features like collaboration between users, and various plug-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Open Office. It also has an  additional applications for database management, reporting, project management, customer relationship management, wiki, chat etc. all these features make it very  robust online office suit.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This post is contributed by Michelle Foster. Michelle Foster is a widely-recognized tech-blogger who writes for Web Hosting Search. He is a web designer by profession with backgrounds on programming using multiple platforms.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Danny

    October 20, 2011 at 6:56 am

    Yeah, cloud is the way to go!
    I just wish the Chinese government would do something about the internet speed and quality in Mainland China. Don’t they feel embarrassed that South-korea is the number 1 fastest internet country in the world, and China doesn’t even appear in the top 10?

    They can take cloud services to the next level. They can use cloud gaming in full hd. Whereas I can barely have a decent Skype conversation (without video) and I pay a lot of money for it.

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