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Top 6 UI/UX Mobile Application Design Trends in 2022

An app needs to look advanced and eye-catching and should give a seamless user experience. This is the reason why keeping tabs on the fastest-growing app design trends is crucial.

An app needs to look advanced, and eye-catching and should give a seamless user experience. This is the reason why keeping tabs on the fastest-growing app design trends is crucial. If we talk about smartphones, the mobile’s UI/UX is the first thing that makes an everlasting impression. This means that the feel and look of the smartphone must be beyond the user’s expectations. UI/UX elements should do their best to attract users. Everything changes with time, and all the designers need to keep checking on the trends to offer new things to their clients.

Mobile App Design

It includes the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). It is the responsibility of the designers to style the app perfectly, which means adding things like font choices, color schemes, types of buttons, and widgets the user will use. While mobile apps have multiple uses, what unites them is the need for optimal usability, accessibility, engagement, and overall user experience. In short, Mobile app design solves all of these concerns.

What are UI/UX Designs?

UI design stands for “User Interface” design, while “UX” stands for “User Experience” design. Both UI/UX are extremely essential to an IT product and they aspire to work closely together.

UI Design

UI is the graphical form of an application, consisting of buttons that customers click, what they read, images, sliders, text, and effects. This includes advances, screen design, motion interface, and all the connected miniatures. UI design also directly affects the application as it determines what the application would look like, the button shape, the width of the lines, and the types of text to use. Moreover, it also creates a look and quality in a mobile application.

UX Design

UX design was created to ensure that a product is valuable and convenient. The UX design’s primary motive is to ensure that an app evokes solely pleasant impressions when experienced the app. UX design is a non-digital activity, and UX design does not involve images; it pays heed to the complete feeling of the experience.

We are presenting TOP 5 UI/UX trends that would touch the user’s heart and help you give your best.

Here are the top 5 app design trends you can see in 2022 and beyond:

Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the top UI/UX Design Services trends, providing a stylish, modern, and different look. Many phone screens have switched to dark themes now. This mode was introduced as the critical feature update in Android 10 and iOS 13 and is getting popular.

Users can easily change their phone’s background theme to light or dark mode whenever they want. Dark themes are always elegant, save energy, and minimize the strain on the eyes, which is the best benefit ever. If you wish to use a dark theme, you must ensure that your application has a built-in dark theme user interface.

Augmented Reality

Many designers have started using AR in UI design for quite some time now. Its features will make the understanding of the design accurate, easy, and better. In addition to this, AR technologies also make the end-users able to get real-time feedback on the apps. It is also predicted that augmented reality features on mobile devices would become part of everyday reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is also gaining popularity among modern-age user experience designers. VR has incredible potential to change the world, and it has a strong effect on almost all aspects of our lives. The designers do not just consider the basic principles of photography, sketching, and motion design, but they also consider other parameters like curved design, depth, sound design, interactions, and environment.

3D Animation

Creating and adding 3D graphics into an interface requires skills and lots of work. 3D animation allows a product or service to be presented in a much more engaging and interactive way. The significance that animation holds in a UI design is beyond explanation. 3D animation has been successful in woo-commerce, which is precisely why UI/UX designers primarily use it. This element assists in making the UI interactive provides something to look forward to during the wait time, brings the product to life, and makes the complete experience intuitive.

Micro Interactions

Micro interaction is one of the suitable methods to enhance user engagement and experience. This trend is gaining popularity as it makes user interaction with the system smoother and more manageable. It could be anything from attractive push notifications, a simple sound that gives an extra plus point to the design, or animation that guides the user. These things make the users want to spend more time on your mobile application.


Good typography leaves a substantial impact on the user. Many factors play a significant role in making the user experience and interface amazing, and typography is one thing that could make or break the image of your product. Good typography builds an instant connection through the sense of style and appearance it presents to the user, optimizes readability and accessibility, and ensures an excellent user experience. Make sure the fonts are big, simple, elegant, and responsive as well. Designers are suggested to use different font types, scattered text, and contrasting colors.

Key Takeaway

We have listed the top 5 UI/UX trends in 2022 and there are many trends that developers have to keep an eye on, though the essential fact is the developer needs to stay well-informed with all the recent development in this industry.

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