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Top 5 Things For Tourists To Do In London

London is one of the most famous places in the world. It is rich in culture and historical sites, pulling in thousands of tourists from far and wide yearly. Especially during the festive seasons.

In the same vein, the city has one of the busiest international airports in the world welcoming visitors around the clock. As a result, it is not unusual to find some of the biggest airlines taking bookings from travelers all over the world. For example, a tourist from the UAE could use Etihad airways booking while another from the USA could do the same thing with the American national carrier and so on.

Regardless of the choice, the city of London is very welcoming with plenty for tourists to do when visiting. So, where to start! Well, the first step for any traveler is to write a list of things to do when in the city and this post will help you do so in the best possible way with our list of the top 5 things for tourists to do in London. Read on to find out more!

Skate At The Rink

Depending on the time of the year, if you are going in winter, Ice skating shouldn’t be what you’d miss. There are lots of ice rinks in London where you can skate. Like the Somerset house rink and the natural history museum ice rink

The Somerset House ice rink is in central London, at the Somerset Courtyard. It is a yearly classic. It is an ice rink in winter and a fountain court in summer. It has an arcade for night shopping and a lounge for food and drinks.

But ice skating at the national history museum gives a vantage view of the historical museum. At the middle of the rink is a Christmas tree and cafes. If you do not want to skate, you can enjoy the view of the rink from the viewing platform while sipping a cup of hot chocolate served from the café.

The Queen’s house ice rink, the Tower of London, and the canary wharf ice rink are other places to skate.

Take A Walk At The Gardens

The royal botanic garden is a 2km trail that gives a view of the fairground rides. During winter, the garden is transformed. There are hundreds of lights twinkling from the tree and dazzling tunnel bells. The walk is more fun with doughnuts, marshmallows, chestnuts, and hot chocolate to enjoy.

Another garden to take a walk in is the Chelsea physic garden and the Kensington garden close to Hyde Park.

Go To The Theater

London is a home of creative scenes. You can visit one of its numerous theaters like the Peacock Theater. There is a display of the snowman, a Christmas carol, the nutcracker, and all the favorite shows you loved watching. Also, if you are a comedy and musical lover, you should visit Savoy Theatre and get Pretty Woman tickets.

If the peacock theater is too classic for you, you can see a movie at the drive-in winter cinema. Luna drive-in cinema is one such place where you can enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car. There’s also a 24-hour display of all your favorite movies.

Shop In London

London has an array of markets that suits the season. There is the Greenwich market, south bank market,

If you are out on the market for spice and homemade gifts for the season, the south bank center is the go-to market. It is a seasonal market. In winter, the frosty wonderland brings warmth into the season. You can also grab a hot chocolate drink while strolling the market.

But if you need a place to check out antiques and jewelry, try the Greenwich market. It is open all year round. You should draft a list of things you want to buy there before your arrival.

Enjoy The Street Of London

Walk the streets of London to enjoy the dazzling display of light. Try taking a walk on regent street, oxford street, Convent Street. It is also a great place to do last-minute Christmas shopping and enjoy the festivities.

Visit Hyde Park. The park is London’s equivalent of Disneyland. The wonderland is not only meant for kids, it is open to all ages. The park has a festive market, circus performances, and rides. Entry into the park is free but enjoying the shows comes at a discounted price. This means you can experience the park on a budget.

Other Things To Do In London

Another thing to do when in London is planning a visit to the museum. That is indeed one of the top things for any tourist to do in London. The museum of natural history has a full display of specimens and artifacts from different historic segments. It’s a must-see for visitors of all ages!

So, there you have it. If you must visit London, be sure not to miss any of these wonderful experiences.

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