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Top 4 Best-in-Class Casino App Software Developers

Casino applications have come far since their early inception. They are now highly engaging and incredibly detailed. They provide an excellent casino experience on all devices. According to, these innovative strides would not have been possible without ingenious casino app software developers who continue to break the mold and push the industry forward into new heights.

In this article, we take a look at 4 of the best in class casino app software developers.

1. Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the largest casino app software developers around. They have built up a strong reputation after almost 20 years of experience in development. The developers strive to produce reliable applications, and this has made them highly in demand to build the latest and exciting casino applications. They currently put out around 24 games a year which are usually very well received by the public and critics alike. One of the standout features present within their development is the flexibility of applications. They are available as instant play and also as downloadable Windows content. The developers also have their own casino interface known as “Viper-software” which hosts a number of high stakes jackpots. Their mobile platforms allow users to play their games on a range of devices such as smartphones and tablets, with native support for Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

2. PlayTech

PlayTech was established in 2001. They have made steady progress since then; with big strides being taken in the past few years. The developers have gone on to make a real name for themselves in the online casino application industry. They are renowned as one of the industry leaders who are continually pushing everyone else forward. Their jackpots are highly progressive and have become very popular with customers. The ‘live dealer’ feature introduced by PlayTech is considered to be amongst the very top casino application features. Their latest games include a dazzling collection of Marvel slot machine games which have implemented the lifeblood of the popular Marvel universe into enjoyable gambling games. PlayTech pays close attention to coding detail and design; they ensure that their games are also playable on the majority of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

3. NetEnt 

NetEntertainment (better known as NetEnt) arrived into the casino application industry in 1996. Since then they have won a number of prestigious awards and their work is always highly heralded by many critics. They have built a reputation for achieving acclaim for their emphasis on precise and groundbreaking development. One of their groundbreaking features has been their lineup of open-source games. They were pioneers in the sense that these games were some of the first to successfully utilize Java. They continue to set trends across the industry. Online casinos, in particular, have begun to recognize the high quality of NetEnt and the slot machines created by this development team continue to be massively popular. Casino operators have made sure to develop close relations with NetEnt due to their superior graphics and vast customization potential.

4. RealTime Gaming 

RealTime Gaming (also known as RTG) arrived two years later in 1998. They have become industry leaders in the development of online casino applications. RTG carries a level of respect and prestige in the industry. This is due to the efficient and effective software design that goes into the games. The process is meticulous, and the development team pays an enormous amount of detail to all aspects of development. The team stays committed to providing support and updates to all RTG games owners. They work closely with teams after launches to ensure that the application is working to the best of its ability and meeting its goals to the end user. A key feature of RTG is that they allow individual casinos to rebrand games which adds a personal touch. Many video slots are produced by RTG, and most have exceptional graphics that provide an exhilarating experience. RTG produces casino software available in both downloadable versions and online flash versions. 


These casino application software developers have been inventive and innovative with their approach to development. They have made massive strides that have influenced the entire industry and created newfound innovations that have improved the casino experience for app users as well as making it more exhilarating. There are other developers in this industry with high potential, but currently, these 4 are top of the class and continue to lead the way against the rest. If this article has inspired you to build your own app, we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide on getting started.

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