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Top 10 Biggest Gambling Countries in the World

Gambling is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Online casinos slightly displace their land-based competitors and are leading in many regions. Legislation in multiple states becomes more loyal to adrenaline fans, but not all governments have already added appropriate laws.

Playing slots and online casino games is common globally. But some countries’ residents are traditionally more passionate about this pastime. Did you know the following nations are considered the leaders of the gambling business?

The US, the Largest Gambling Market Globally

This point is unsurprising as Americans have Las Vegas, the worldwide-famous heart of casinos. And it’s the first place that comes to mind. Online gaming clubs are no less popular among US residents. Gambling is regulated within the country. Multiple states, excluding Utah and Hawaii, have already legalized the activity. Most people still dream about visiting land-based halls, but the online sector is also growing.

Australia Is the Kingdom of Slot Machines

Aussies are well-known gambling fans, and it’s not without reason. The incomes of the population in this region are among the highest in the world! So, residents can easily afford risky entertainment. According to statistics, over 80% of adults have at least once tried online gambling. The Australian market constantly grows!

All legal casinos and sportsbooks operate according to the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. It was changed several times, in 2017 and 2019. The amendments were necessary due to the increasing popularity of the newest online casinos. Online gambling in Australia is taxable. But players should only pay extra if their winnings exceed $150,000 annually, so only the biggest gamblers are subject to this rule.

New Zealand, Home for Foreign Online Casinos

New Zealanders adore playing pokies and gambling games, and the local legislation doesn’t interfere with the desire of users to enjoy casinos. Gaming establishments within the country are prohibited. Nevertheless, the government does not prohibit any licensed Internet gambling company from entering the market and providing services to residents. Thus, New Zealand is among the most demanded and profitable markets for global iGaming companies.

Canada, Home for Passionate Gaming Fans

Canadians are passionate risk fans, and both land-based and online casinos are incredibly common among the country’s residents. Gambling is prohibited within the region, but the government allows provinces to self-regulate this issue. Most regions used this right and implemented appropriate gambling laws, allowing players to enjoy the activity.

Gambling is not taxable in Canada, which makes it even more attractive for players. Winnings are not considered income but rather random luck. The gaming industry is constantly increasing: according to Statista, the sector’s revenue within the country will grow by about one and a half times by 2027.

Finland, Scandinavian Casino Capital

According to official data, over 40% of the country’s adult population regularly attends online casinos. And the sector has been rapidly growing for the last few years. Residents of Scandinavian countries are showing an increased interest in this risky entertainment, and the number of gaming clubs is growing, respectively. The Lotteries Act, developed in 2001, regulates gambling in Finland.

Finland is considered one of the biggest gambling markets in the region. Grab some interesting facts about the online casino industry within the country:

  • The legal age for participating in gambling activities is 18.
  • A Finnish player would rather prefer a slot machine or a poker game.
  • Over 80% of the country’s popularity prefers online casinos to other entertainment types.

Ireland, the Historical Gambling Centre

Gambling is national entertainment deeply rooted in the state’s history. The first bookmakers appeared in Ireland at the end of the 19th century, and residents often visited them to place their bets on sports events. The gambling industry experienced a new development twist with the evolution of online gaming clubs is the beginning of the 2000s.

Gambling activities are legal in Ireland. But the country’s government highlights that only licensed operators are allowed. All activities are regulated by the Gaming and Lotteries Act. The legislation is updated from time to time to comply with local players’ demands.

Irish gamblers are well-known fans of table games and lotteries. Such products like bingo, roulette, baccarat, and poker are considered the most popular among local users. Slot machines are also in demand as they are simple and exciting.

Japan and Its Unique Gambling Laws

The country’s culture is unique in many aspects, and gambling is no exception. Risky entertainment is legal within Japan, and the demand is constantly growing. But the local players are not allowed to receive money prizes from casinos. Therefore, gamblers can win sweets, toys, cigarettes, and other items. Despite such conditions, the iGaming sector is well-developed within the country, and many adult users prefer such a pastime.

Italy, Cradle of European Gambling

This country has a rich gambling history: it was Italy, where the first European gaming house was opened. The Venetian Casino was established in 1638 and is common until now. Many players flock from all over the world to enjoy poker in the legendary club.

Online gambling is no less popular among Italians. The Italian National Gaming Authority regulates the sector. This body controls all gambling activities within the country, fighting against illegal online and offline operators.

Singapore As the Second Las-Vegas

Singapore is a well-known entertainment capital, which attracts tourists from all over the world. And it would be strange if, among such a variety, there were no allowed casinos. Despite this, gambling regulations in the country often change. The Gambling Regulatory Authority is the only body controlling all casino activities within the region. Therefore, both online and offline casinos are allowed only if they are licensed.

The laws are simplified for tourists, as the iGaming industry is an integral part of the country’s economy. But the government is very attentive to responsible gambling standards. Suppose a Singapore resident suspects their family member is addicted. They can apply to the relevant authorities to have the player blocked by the operator. Thus, casinos remain legal, but the state is doing everything to minimize the negative consequences of this entertainment.

Hong Kong: Asian Online & Offline Casino Kingdom

This is the only Chinese region where gambling is not prohibited. It’s a small island next to Hong Kong, which is called an Asian casino capital. The magnitude of this region is impressive. It can rightfully compete with Las Vegas! Want to visit Venice without leaving the continent? Don’t hesitate to go to Macau for new experiences.

The development of virtual gaming clubs is not far behind. Players can legally enjoy gambling and betting websites without restrictions. That is why all lovers of risk and adrenaline adore this region! Slots, live dealers, table games, and more are available 24/7!

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