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Things to Consider before Buying a Car Amplifier

People are very conscious about the audio of their cars. The best amplifier will provide you with the best performance. It improves the quality of sound. The main purpose of a car amplifier is to boost up the audio signals which generate from the head unit. Amplifiers also serve as sufficient power for high-grade speakers and it provides an exact voltage of power. If you are looking for the best amplifier for bass here are some best choices for you.

JL Audio JX1000/ID:

JL Audio JX1000/ID is considered as the best amplifier for the car because it has 1000 watts RMS. It provides the best quality of sound in the car. It has an unregulated PWM power supply with a variable bass boost at a frequency of 45HZ. If you are looking for the best car amplifier, it is the best choice for you. It is a monoblock amplifier that gives you excellent performance. It can easily adjust in limited space. Mainly features include:

  • 500 watts RMS at 4-ohm
  • 750 watts RMS at 3-ohm
  • 1,000 watts RMS at 2-ohm
  • Bass can boost up to 12Db

JL Audio XD700/5v2 5-Channel Car Amplifier:

It is 5 channel car amplifiers with 75 watts RMS at 4 ohms with high-speed switching class D technology. It also has a traditional remote lead wire. It can be ON/OFF by detecting by full-range audio. It is available mostly in black and silver colors. If you are looking for additional channels to power up your speaker then it is the best option at a reasonable cost. These are compact and light weighted. These are perfect for powering up many speakers without any loss of sound quality. It mainly features include:

  • 75 watts RMS at 4-ohm
  • 100 watts RMS at 2 -ohm
  • 200 watts RMS at 2-ohm
  • Constructed with aluminum

Rockford Fostage R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier:

Its frequency is up to 250 HZ. Its top is mounted with aluminum. it includes a wired remote and high-efficiency amplifier. It has the ability to reduce the current consumption from the charging system. This type of amplifier has the capability of running a 2-ohm load. You will feel your bass rocking and enjoy music in the car. If you are for the best amplifier at a reasonable price this is the best choice for you. Its MOSFET power supply provides the best signal strength. It mainly features include:

  • 300 watts RMS at 4-ohm
  • 500 watts RMS at 2-ohm
  • 4 AWG power wire as available as monoblock

Kenwood KAC-M3004 Channel Amplifier:

  • Kenwood is a very famous car audio brand. It offers high-quality sound. Their KAC-M3004 is 4 Channel Amplifier is very popular. The best thing about this amplifier is that it is light weighted and can be adjusted in limited space. Its main features include:
  • 50 watts RMS at 4-ohm
  • 75 watts RMS at 2-ohm
  • Complete protection against moisture
  • 600 watts RMS peak power

Pioneer GM-D9601 Car Amplifier:

Pioneer is also a famous brand in car audio. Their GM-D9601 model is the best car amplifier. It is expensive but it can produce up to 2,400 watts peak power. Main features include:

  • 800 watts RMS at 2- ohm
  • 1,200 watts RMS at 1-ohm
  • Class D amplifier with bass boost control

Basic Buying Guide:

  • The main purpose of a car amplifier is to increase the level of audio signals which are generated from the head unit. Then this power is transferred to subwoofers in the car. Keep in mind that the higher the RMS rates, the louder will be audio of your car without distortion. It is considered as the most significant factor for car audio. Amplifiers also act as sufficient power and it will also improve the quality of existing factory stereo.
  • The important fact to buy a car amplifier is its number of channels. A channel amplifier is also good but 4 channel amplifiers are best because I will provide maximum power and boost up the volume. Normally the best results are achieved when a minimum 75% of the rating is derived. Amplifiers also provide power to subwoofers. The best and effective way to enhance the bass is to match the speaker wattage with an improved amplifier.

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1 Comment

  1. claire divas

    December 12, 2020 at 9:25 am

    What a great article to share. A great contribution especially for someone looking forward to buying a car subwoofer, amplifier and enclosure. If anybody wants to install a new one, this is the most effective share, that will be very helpful for the best choice. Thanks a lot for the post.

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