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The Ultimate Guide for Planning Your First Trip Abroad

Are you looking for the ultimate vacation planning guide? Check out Tripety, an online vacation trip planner and get started on planning your dream vacation!

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about the perfect vacation? Have you ever thought of visiting exotic locations in Europe like Cyprus or Bahamas in the Carribean? If you’ve finally gotten the chance to plan a vacation, be prepared to have the time of your life. However, planning a vacation takes a lot of time and valuable effort. But we can all agree that the effort is worth the outcome when you breathe in the sweet air of your favorite destination in the entire world!

From the travel checklist, passports, and visas to flight schedules, hotels, train, tours, itineraries, and packing, and a whole lot of stuff in between, it can be a lot to remember. So, are you overwhelmed yet? The process of planning doesn’t have to be so complicated and challenging, however. There is a treasure trove of information online that you can delve into to start planning your travel itinerary. You can either opt for a solo trip or a shared trip.

Both of these trips can be amazing experiences, and we hope you get to experience both in your lifetime. With a solo trip, you will have a lot of freedom, and you can simply go where the wind takes you. But it takes comprehensive planning. However, with a shared trip, you’ll have an easier time planning your itinerary.

This blog will show you how to take the stress out of planning your international trip and ensure you don’t miss out on an important planning step. Here’s how you can make your dream a reality:

Step 1: Figure Out Your Travel Destination

A lot of people say they wish to travel, but they never have a set destination in mind. So the first thing on the list should be the place you have always wanted to go to. Or, if you do not have one yet due to the infinite options presented to you, make a list of places you wish to explore and randomly choose a destination. Your planning will get a lot easier, and you will have a solid goal to work towards. Research places you can visit at your destination and make your itinerary.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Travel Budget And Duration

Consider the length of your trip to decide your travel budget and traveling style. It will also determine how much money you need to start saving. So, is it a 5-day trip or a 14-day trip? Would you like to stay in luxury hotels? Backpacking? You don’t need to know the exact dates, but a rough idea will help narrow down whether you need to spend $750 for 5 days or $1200 for 8 days.

Step 3: Decide On Your Travelling Partners OR take A SOLO TRIP!

So are you planning a short vacation, or is this a three-week-long engagement? And, more importantly, who are you bringing along? Take a moment and ask yourself if you want to travel solo or should you bring your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/family/children with you as well.

The answer to this question will reshape your trip. So, a solo trip to Tahiti may not be the best decision as it will swarm with couples on honeymoons. And a trip to Prague, Berlin, or Ibiza may not be the best destinations for a wholesome family getaway. While traveling solo, you will be flexible with your itinerary and will not have to compromise with the wishes of others. Choose an option and situation that works best for you!

Step 4: Book Flights And Accommodations

Now that you know where you want to go and who you’re going with, it’s time to check flights and book your visa. Start your visa process at least two months before your departure so you can skip urgent visa fees. Check the airports you’ll be flying into, check if you are opting for a round-trip, or will you be leaving from a different airport from the one you arrived at. Research the hotels in the city center as well

Always check for a deal on flights. You can sign up on search engines that can notify you when airfares drop so you catch a cheaper flight. Or you can sign for travel credit cards and start gathering points. That way you can get discounts on airfare and hotel bookings. Book your hotel once you have your flight details sorted out. There are always tonnes of affordable listings on Airbnb that you can stay at and absorb the cultural vibes.

Step 5: Check Vaccination Requirements And Start Packing

Many countries in Europe were closed to tourists until recently. So you will need to check if your destination requires a vaccination card along with a visa and if they are allowing tourists to enter. You will also need to confirm the number of PCR tests you will need to take before arriving, on arrival, departure, and post-departure, and whether you need to quarantine on arrival.

Once you have these details sorted, you can finally… start packing! However, remember to always travel light. Keep smart and trendy outfits. Do not overpack! Get a friend to help you and plan your packing ahead of time. Do not start packing 12 hours before your flight because you might forget things in a rush! And most importantly, don’t forget your cash, credit cards, tickets, and passport!

Since you are all done with the essentials, we wish you a bon voyage! Start planning your trip with one of the best online trip planners. Check out Tripety; you can manage your vacation itinerary online or make group trip plans for your next getaway. Visit their website for more information on free travel itineraries and trip planning.

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Tripety is an online travel itinerary and trip planner that helps travelers plan their local and international trips. It offers several features such as fare estimates, itinerary makers, online group travel itinerary manager, travel checklists, and much more.

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