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The Latest in Kitchen Faucet Trends in 2020

The kitchen faucets keep changing. If you haven’t been to the faucet market of late, you will be surprised at how much the designs have changed.

Here are the latest trends in kitchen faucets in 2020. Most of these trends are in the Delta Leland Faucet by the infamous Delta Company.

There is Increased Use of Technology

Yes, you can now turn the faucet on and off with a simple touch. Lately, faucets are using the latest technology such as the touch feature.

There is no turning of knobs. You just need to touch the faucet anywhere and the water starts to flow. To turn off the water, touch the faucet anywhere.

If the touch technology does not impress you, then there is voice technology. There are voice activated faucets that are gaining popularity. Just speak to it and the water starts to flow.

They use Google Home or Amazon Alexa to give voice commands to turn on or off, dispense a particular amount of water and at a given temperature.

Delta has come up with a new spray technology dubbed ShieldSpray Technology. It features a concentrated jet with an innovative shield of water that helps in easy cleaning of the mess.

Pull-Down Feature

The pull-down design is a common trend in 2020. Faucets are now designed in a way that you can extend the head. Some can go as far as 20 inches. Dome designs have hidden pull-outs such that the faucet does not have an industrial look.

This is a convenient feature when you want to fill large containers that can’t fit in the sink, rinse dishes or perform any other task that will require faucet flexibility.

For the pull-down feature to be effective there is the docking feature that allows for the spray head to remain in place when it is not being used.

High arc Design

More faucets now have a high arc design. Have you ever used a tap and you couldn’t fill a jug with water in the sink because the tap was too low?

The high-arc design takes care of that. There is more room in and around the sink given that the faucet is way up.

A Variety of Finishes

Are you looking for chrome finishing, bronze, neutral arctic, living, matte metallic or rustic? More and more faucets from different manufacturers are coming with various finishing choices.

Customers can now choose the finishing that fits their home décor.  

There is a trend where customers are going for living finishes that age and patina with time such as Rose Gold, Gunmetal and Brushed Brass.

Customers are now leaning more towards minimalist designs but maximalist finishing as they go for high end finishing on simply designed faucets.

There is also the black matte finish that is gaining in popularity just like the dark sinks.

Sophisticated Designs

The faucets of today have sleek and sophisticated designs that can fit any modern kitchen. The faucets have a professional style.

Other Features

Faucets that have magnetic docking can swivel 360 degrees, and can switch between spray and powerful stream are the latest trends.

The magnetic docking ensures that the faucet stays in place when the spray head is not being used.

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