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The Best Careers of 2019

With the new year comes the urge to start afresh! Most people consider making big lifestyle changes – whether it be improving their diet, selling their home, moving cities/countries, or leaving their job for a whole new career! If you are planning to make a big career move, or if you’re a student fresh out of high school and eager to find your ideal career path, you may be wondering just which career is best to pursue. While we’ll be of no help if you’re looking to shed a few pounds or move houses; we are sure we could be of great help if you’re looking for a sustainable career that will propel you forward in work and in life and will still be around in many years to come despite the advancements in technology.

Take a look at our list of the best careers of 2019; each of which has been carefully researched and is sure to offer you all the perks that a sustainable career path should.

SEO Specialist

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a fairly ‘new’ term, but one that has quickly become very important to companies and individuals who want to market themselves through modern marketing channels. The most effective marketing channel is of course online, and while this may seem simple, there are many tricks to successfully making your mark in the online sphere. This is where SEO specialists come in – they know the tricks to improve SEO visibility, which hugely influences online traction and sales. Places such as Ruby Digital offer fantastic SEO services, and you can bet your bottom dollar that anyone investing in these powerful ‘tools’ise sure to make a name for themselves in the arena that’s said to be the future of marketing. Pursuing a career as an SEO specialist is a smart choice indeed. It’s a sought-after role and an in-demand service which will likely never become stagnant. With the way the world is moving at the moment, anything online/digital is where you are going to find the biggest rewards.


Copywriting is another fairly new role, which too has become important since companies have become increasingly aware of their relationship with existing and potential clients. Written content and strong copy also improves SEO visibility and improves a company’s online presence, as well as refines their message in a way that powerfully speaks to their target market. Pursuing a career in copywriting will not only allow you the opportunity to freelance, but it’s also a great creative outlet. It’s a rewarding job that pays well if you are good at what you do and invest in your talent. It’s highly recommended – if you are interested in pursuing a career in copywriting, that you study communications, journalism or English so that you can quickly move up the ranks in your career. Best you first ensure your spelling, grammar and punctuation is in good shape!

Social Media Manager

As we know, social media has infiltrated every one of our lives and has become a key component socially and within a business. Again, this is the way the world is going, and it certainly isn’t going to stop any time soon. Almost every company, whether big or small, has a social media manager as this has become the modern marketing technique of the century. You can be sure that a career as a social media manager will be sustainable in the long run and will also open many doors for you as it is required across many different fields and industries. Social media managers usually do a crash course in social media marketing – or are just plain and simple social media gurus. This is one of the easiest careers to enter into if you’re not keen to commit to studying a lengthy degree/diploma.


Teachers have always been sought after and for some reason, there is always a shortage of teachers! It’s a fundamental role, and with that comes the peace of mind that you will never be out of work. While the pay in some countries isn’t always great, there are many other places that pay their teachers well and are willing to hire teachers from other parts of the world to solve their shortage. Teaching is a rewarding job and knowing that you are educating and shaping the minds and lives of future leaders is a beautiful thought.


Nursing is yet another career that is sought after and faces a huge shortage. It’s an incredibly sustainable career as even advancements in technology won’t rattle this industry. Nursing is certainly a tough career, but one that is rewarding too.

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