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The 7 Most Impactful Web Design Trends For 2023

A good web design can enable a brand to appear distinct from its competitors. Innovation is the key to successfully designing a website. People love new trends, be it food or web design. Thus, for the best results, a website development and design team should research and implement new trends to make the outcome appear fresh and original. This blog will inform you about the current website design trends and ideas. Uncover them below!

Interactive Design Trends to Implement in your Website

Typographic layouts

Today, formal-looking websites don’t attract people anymore. Everyone wants to see something creative, and a professional web design company should thus step away from conventional typography. A lot of creative designers are using new kinds of typographic layouts to produce innovative outcomes. Check out some typography ideas to ensure you stay up-to-date with web design trends for 2023.

Kinetic Typography – It’s a moving text or animation of text that can be implemented on web pages. It attracts the visitors’ attention and helps them absorb the brand message effectively.

Emotive Typography – Under this typography, the text font will be related to that particular word’s emotional representation. For instance, the word “anger” can be written in red, with the design using fire elements.

Dark Mode

This is an old concept and was a default aspect on any desktop computer in the 1970s. It became outdated gradually, but now, it has resurfaced again. In 2023, it is one of the modern website design trends to follow. Every prominent browser and social media platform offers users to switch to dark mode, allowing for a far greater digital experience.

The dark mode looks aesthetically brilliant and lowers eye strain effectively. Thus, users can focus better on the content, which allows for truly immersive experiences for them.

Easier Collaboration

Hybrid work environments and working from home have become the new norm since the COVID outbreak. This has increased the importance of immersive online experiences substantially. Thus, tools that facilitate remote collaboration have become vital in today’s times. This has led to the inclusion of collaborative features in virtual tools, which is one of the top interactive web design trends at present.

This trend is a part of a broader movement of delivering immersive experiences to customers. It is thus integral that while hiring web designers, ensure they have a good understanding of collaborative features.

Shared Frameworks

Expect to witness an exponential rise in the demand for shareable frameworks from 2023 onwards. This is an essential aspect of a movement started by web designers. The aim is to create a community and share resources and techniques to make their work more visible so that everyone can have a more immersive web experience.

If you are researching web design trends while preparing for the future, keep into account shared frameworks, as this is also a viable approach for businesses. They can utilize free resources like creative website design templates as a growth channel for their premium offerings.

However, it would still be best if they hire an experienced web design & development company. They follow the workflow of modern web design from wireframes to style guides successfully, thus delivering outstanding outcomes.

Thumb-Friendly Design

Mobile-specific features are not enough today. A web page designer should consider how a user holds the mobile device and uses his thumb for tasks. Thus, among the web design trends for 2023, you must have a thumb-friendly site. What this implies is the website buttons, menus, and icons should be designed in a way that users can easily access them with their thumbs.

Frosted Glass Effects

What are the latest trends in website design? A Google search with this phrase will display the “frosted glass effect” among other results. It is being increasingly used as a background for website pages replacing gradients. Modern-day technology facilitates the incorporation of this feature, which designers ensure while developing a site.

It not only adds color to a section of the webpage, but the blurry appearance of attributes behind the frosted glass overlay also allows for objects or texts to be visible over the image.

Augmented Reality

A website developer or designer must leverage new technologies, like augmented reality, to boost user experience. This technology connects virtual content or images with the real world. An example would help you understand better. You surely have seen and used the filters and stickers in Google Arts & Culture or Snapchat.

This is also one of the prominent graphic design trends as E-commerce sites can immensely benefit from augmented reality. It helps provide users with real-life buying experiences, allowing them to make better and more informed decisions.

Remember these top web page design trends while getting your site designed. You can work with a responsive web design company for the best results.


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Pratip Biswas, the Owner and CEO of Unified Infotech is actively involved in, Mobile App Development, and Internet Marketing since 2010. Pratip's knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced in the web and mobile app industry and his passion for innovation and growth has led his company to success.

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