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Test Your Vision: 5 Eye Tests in a Regular Eye Examination

People usually consider getting their eyes tested when they encounter some difficulty in their vision or some problems in their eyes. However, as per the eye specialists, it is believed that every quarter, individuals should get their eyes checked, especially if they have a family history of ocular problems. Several surveys have shown that people usually show reluctance in getting their eyes tested because of the lack of knowledge about eye examination procedures. The damage is done internally, and the external symptoms can only be felt when the disease spreads out. So it is essential to know about the basic eye tests which the doctors suggest for regular checkups.

1. Retinoscopy

This is the most basic type of eye test which is performed to examine the change in the eye lens structure and the deflection of the refracted rays within the eyeballs. The light entering the eyeball suffers refraction through the lens and then converges at the bright spot on the retina across the vitreous humor chamber. When the lens changes its shape, the refraction angles also vary because of which the rays either converge beyond the bright spot or near it, but never on it. This results in near-sightedness and farsightedness. To treat this, the optometrist performs a series of eye tests, the basis of which is retinoscopy where a red light beam is passed through the eyes, and when the light returns, it is traced to understand the damage to the lens.

2. Visual Acuity Test

This is another basic eye test that the doctors usually perform in case of any vision-related problems. Here, you will be made to read a chart with no external artificial lens and the doctor will judge what particular size of the letters you read perfectly from a specific distance. The visual acuity test is performed to examine the sharpness of the eyes. It involves no invasive procedure in the examination and hence it’s completely safe for the children.

3. Keratometry

The doctors test the shape of the external layer of the eyeball, i.e. the cornea. It is the cornea that is the first medium for the refraction of the light rays entering the eyeball. If the shape or structure of the cornea is changed, the light rays wouldn’t undergo the required refraction, hence you will have vision problems. One of the main problems people suffer from changing cornea is astigmatism. If you have this problem then you can detect the same through the Keratometry test.

4. Refraction Test

This is one of the many eye tests which is performed to decide whether you are suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or any other vision problem. Here, you will be made to wear the phoropter in which the optometrist will put a few lenses and will tell you to read some characters printed on a chart. Based on the perfection of your vision, the doctor will note down the lens size and power.

5. Intraocular Pressure Management

There are two different fluid chambers in your eyeball- the aqueous humor and the vitreous humor chamber. The fluids filling these cavities have a proper density which helps in maintaining the ocular pressure. Now, if there is a change in the density of the composition, the ocular pressure will also change which might lead to glaucoma. Several optometrists perform this variety of eye tests to ensure that the ocular pressure is intact.

Since now you know the types of eye tests which need to be performed as the basic examinations of the eyes, we hope that the next time you will have your appointment early with the eye specialist, with no hesitation.

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