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Ten Google Maps Marketing Trends for 2022

If you’re among the 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S., you represent 99 percent of all U.S. businesses.

If you’re among the 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S, you represent 99 percent of the U.S. businesses. Naturally, if you’re in this highly-competitive industry, you must be on the lookout for ways to expand your clientele.

Luckily, Google understands it. This is why the tech giant has integrated Google map marketing with SEO tools to help businesses increase their local reach, organically. So whether you own a mom-n-pop shop in Tempe or running a restaurant in the heart of Santa Fe. Here’s your chance to leverage Google Maps marketing trends to gain traction in 2022!

What is Google Map SEO?

But to make use of Google map marketing trends, you need to know what Google map SEO is and how it works.

In essence, Google map SEO is a set of Google features and tools that allow business owners to use Google’s map and navigation to become prominent in the local audience. This means that by using Google map marketing tools, you can help potential customers find you on the internet, locate your physical store, and increase footfall to your brick-and-mortar store through SEO.

Why Do You Need It?

Google map SEO has a wide range of benefits, including but not limited to:

Higher Number of Local Searches

According to data, 46 percent of searches carried out on Google are looking for local businesses. This is why focusing on Google map SEO is important to reach all these customers, out of which 72 percent will visit you!

Low Cost, Effective Marketing Tool

Starting Google map SEO is actually free. At the same time, local optimization through Google maps helps you market your product effectively to leads that are likely to become clients.

Map Results Dominate SERP

If you look at Google results, Google map listings are at the top of every search. This means that by focusing on Google map SEO, you have higher chances of grabbing the audience’s attention.

Target Geographically Close Customers

You may run an ice cream parlor in Austin and pay thousands for SEO. However, your SEO effort is useless if your ad and website links are not reaching Austin’s local community. Google map SEO allows you to target geographically close and relevant customers to your business.

Turn Needs Into Purchases

Here’s a scenario: Person A in Jersey City leaves home to do grocery and finds their go-to store has closed down. They quickly search ‘grocery stores near me.’ Now, if you’re running a grocery store in the area and have done local optimization, you’re the immediate solution to person A’s needs.

Gain Advantage Over Competition

97 percent of customers are likely to find a local business online. If you are online, have set up Google map SEO, and reach the top of searches, imagine your advantage over your competition. This is simple math!

Boost Brand Credibility and Image

As a local business, you need to create a brand identity among the masses. By effectively using Google maps, you’re staying in sight of 77 percent of users who rely on Google maps to find businesses. This, in turn, boosts your credibility as a local business.

Google Maps Marketing Trends in 2022

Now that we know of the plethora of benefits of Google map SEO, here are some Google maps marketing trends that you shouldn’t ignore in 2022.

Create Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is probably the most effective online tool for local businesses right now. By setting up a Google Business Profile, you can increase your reach to local customers and start advertising your ads via Google maps. Learn more about Google Business Profiles here.

Locally Optimize Through Maps

Local optimization is an extremely useful tool businesses are currently using. You can use Google maps to embed your location on your website and offer directions to your store. This will allow potential customers to easily reach you whenever they search for your business online.

Enrich with Relevant Media

GMB optimization is heavily dependent on rich media such as photos and videos. Google has snippets that further scrutinize the photos and videos uploaded on a Google My Business profile. So if you have relevant, high-quality, and original images, you’ll get a boost in Google map listings.

Leverage Customer Feedback

Google also allows businesses to establish their legitimacy with reviews of actual customers. Use these reviews to your benefit and attract new clients. And in case you receive a negative review, make sure to respond to it and increase your credibility among existing and potential customers.

Incentivize Through Promotions

Google map marketing also allows businesses to enlist their promotions, sales, and special coupons at the top of the search. So leverage this tool and incentivize customers through promotions on your Google map listing.

Improve Engagement with Google

Google map offers quick buttons for customers to engage with businesses. These buttons include a calling, messaging, or directions option. Make sure your Google Business Profile has accurate details for your customers to instantly engage with you.

Increase Customer Reach and Accessibility

When you invest in Google Maps SEO, you’re basically expanding your customer reach. Google offers directions to searchers based on their location and commuting method. You’re increasing your customer reach by giving accurate store locations, providing directions, and optimizing your website locally.

Track Performance Through Tools

There’s a wide range of tools that allow you to audit your Google SEO strategy’s success. Make sure you’re using those tools to understand which areas need more focus and where you’re doing good.

Increase Brand Visibility Among Locals

Use Google map SEO accurately and increase your brand visibility among the local audience today. And if you need expert help for GMB optimization, Google map marketing, and Google maps SEO, reach out to Search Berg.

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Joseph Dyson is a small business internet marketing expert at Search Berg, an award winning digital marketing firm that specializes in white label link building services, content marketing and data-driven white-hat SEO. As an online marketing and SEO aficionado, he regularly shares his thoughts and opinions on popular online publications.

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