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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur in the Mobile Application Development Industry

Today, it might seem easier to be an entrepreneur in the field of mobile application development for an instant foothold in the business arena. You might feel that success is only a short distance away when you start developing your first mobile application. However, this is not always the case. You might be just lucky enough to have a smooth sail with your first app becoming a major success right away.

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Starting with a freelancer is always a wise decision

For most entrepreneurs, hiring a freelancer serve as the right answer for developing an app at lower costs. However, developing an app would not serve the real purpose, as it needs to be downloaded by many users. Freelancers can certainly help you with the development of an app, if your app is not over complex full of graphics, functionalities, and features. What you need to take care of is that the app is good enough in terms of design, robustness, and usability so that it gets instantly approved on App Stores.

Be patient in expecting fruitful results

It takes a huge amount of hard work and persistence to get your app visible on the app stores. You should be prepared to accept that the first version of your app might not become as popular as you would expect, because of unseen bugs or errors emerging from nowhere. It takes a lot of willingness to incorporate the feedback that users have provided so that they can get what they want.

Have a problem solving approach

Avoid being obsessed with your idea and realize that it isn’t exactly a million dollar idea until you get your first few paying customers. You need to market your app to an audience that exists out there. Just by believing that since you have done your job, the customers will come, is a bad idea to begin with. There are millions of apps existing on app stores, and the chances that users will come to know about your app are next to nil, without apt online or offline marketing.

Ask your potential customers and obtain insights from them, rather than asking your friends, acquaintances and family to validate your app idea. Additionally, it is not advisable to leave your job immediately as soon as you see your app started gaining popularity. Be sure that the basis of your app development project should be whether it remains a viable proposition for your business or not.

Promote your ecommerce business through mcommerce

It is simply not possible to promote a business to the extent you desire through apps. Thus, apps could be useful in a scenario where you have an e-commerce store or an online shop, where you would like to provide the convenience to your customers of shopping from their mobile or smart phones.

Adopt an entrepreneurial perspective

Developing an app is all about building an app for the right reason. Ask yourself whether you want to build a mobile app because you want to be a successful entrepreneur or want to build an app just because you have a whim or fancy of having an app of your own?

How to go about with a systematic plan in place

List out a few common problems that people face in daily lives, and identify which of them needs an app for getting solved. You will also need to identify the need behind the app. This step is called app validation, which proves that a demand exists for your app. While there are several ways of going about with validation, a good idea can be to use key word planner tools such as Google or even solicit email addresses through your app’s website to look for the people who would use your app.

Before plunging into app development mode, you will need to lay out the flow and features and get it validated. Detail your product on a document or you can even utilize a wire-framing tool for the same. In short, simply put your ideas down on paper and be as detailed as possible. Thus, your developers will be able understand your expectations as a budding entrepreneur starting out in the field of mobile app development.

As an entrepreneur, you will need to start looking closely at features that can be removed. Do not cloud your mobile app with too many features right in the first attempt, as more features can be added later. This step will help keep the entrepreneurial costs of development down and you can even market your app quicker.
You will need to consider user experience along with design. Along with design, you will be able to let technology look useful. If design is awesome, but user experience is just the opposite, then the entire mobile app development initiative can turn out to be a complete waste. What contributes to the approval process of a mobile app, is the deadly combination of design and user friendliness appeal.

It might not be possible to see the completion of the task from start to finish yourself. You need to delegate tasks to other people in many circumstances, so that you can complete the work faster, and dominate the market early on. Today, device fragmentation is a major issue hitting the mobile app development market. Hence, you need to choose the right device mix to start your app development effort. Any mistakes could cost you your entire app development project and lead to nowhere.


Today, mobile app development has become a success mantra in many circles. However, you need to understand that although mobile app development might be popular and effective, the entrepreneur needs to take a methodical approach towards the conception stage, setting objectives, going for the actual development, and following a planned mobile app strategy.

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