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Source Hassle-Free Emotional Support Animals

Pets are always considered as one of our family members. After a fair taming, the pet whatever it is, say cat, dog, birds, rabbits will get attached to us. When we are in heavy stress, playing with our pets creates a happy mood and boosts our energy.

Some domestic animals say the dog, is mostly adopted because it is so affectionate towards the owners as well as it will have loyalty to him. Most of the developed countries have a habit of hiring emotional support pets or animals (ESA). This is actually prescribed for the mentally depressed and disordered patients to alleviate the stress.

What and Why You Need An Emotional Support Letter

An Emotional Support Letter cannot be obtained by all. It has some norms. The family physician / psychologist / psychiatrist should analyze the patient’s acute / chronic mental stress. Then the doctor will prescribe an emotional support animal (dog, the domestic pet which is mostly preferred by the patients) to gush out the mental sickness. There is no training needed for the dog. It has been already trained and can engage with the people to suppress their mental stress. The patient should have a regular visit with his / her physician for mental illness. The choice and a number of pets depend on the patient’s wish. The doctor should insist that having ESA as a part of psychological treatment. The last but not least, emotional support dog letter should be delivered in the doctor’s prescription along with license number, license date and the state where the license got registered if the dog is chosen as the individual’s ESA.

ESA During Travel

To keep an ESA during traveling, in the rental place or in the outing, the individual should possess a letter which shall elaborate his / her mental condition and the purpose of ESA if he / she is called out for disability verification. Most medics provide this letter after understanding the patient’s condition. Such a letter must indicate how long the pet has been with the patient and how long the patient under the care of the physician. It should also an add-on a point that the patient cannot function freely without the presence of ESA.

Service animals are highly trained that can be taken anywhere whereas ESA comes under therapeutic. ESAs are not allowed to be taken into the public places such as restaurant, hotels, coffee shops, etc., the individual can protect ESA within the rental premises, aircraft cabin while flying.

The research on Emotional support animals is quite strong that they help both children and adults in psychiatric illness, learning and developmental disabilities, emotional conditions. For an instance, in a psychiatric hospital, the study of anxiety rates was concluded using animal-assisted therapies. Significant alleviation in the anxiety level was noticed among the mood disordered and other psychiatric patients.

If you really love the ESA, make it healthier and peacefully spend your time with it. However, an immediate intervention of a veterinarian is a must when the pet feels sick.

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