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Some Useful Information Regarding the Use of Bump Proof Locks

The locks are often said to be capable of opening only with a hairpin or a master key, which is dangerous for the house owners. The property is left to the mercy of the burglars if these ordinary locks are used to secure the main door of a house. As this situation is not desirable for any house owner, they need to secure the entrances to their homes with specially designed bump proof locks. These locks have been proved to be secure against all kinds of forced openings by the outsiders; thus, trusted for the better safety of the homes and the belongings of the owners.


Different Types of Bump Proof Locks Used for Security

  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock is a special bump proof lock, which is provided with anti-prick and anti-drill cylinders. There is a hard steel pin along with a key design made of nickel and silver, which makes it one of the best bump proof locks. The deadbolt is made of the satin chrome of brass and it can be adjusted to the doors of any size. There are two keys of different colours, one for each deadbolt lock of this locking system.
  • Bump Proof Knob Lock can be opened and closed by turning the knob, which is can be done only by the owner of the house. However, this type of lock is applicable only at the entrance doors of specific sizes and add to the decor of the door, due to its excellent finish.
  • Touch Screen Bump Proof Deadbolt is an advanced type of lock that is provided with a numeric touch pad that has a LED backlight and cannot be opened merely by fingerprints. The mechanism of this lock is perfectly bump proof as it has no keyhole. The extraordinary manufacturing qualities have made this bump proof locks quite popular among the house owners.
  • Master Lock Night Watch Deadbolt with Bump Stop Cylinder is another popular variety of bump proof locks, which cannot be opened with any duplicate key that is not originally provided with this lock. This lock can be easily installed and opened from inside of the house only, for preventing the entry of the intruders or burglars. There is only one cylinder that makes the lock completely bump and pickproof. However, this lock can be used only when the residents are all inside or if they leave the house through another door, while installing it on the main entrance.
  • Mechanical Bump Proof Deadbolt is an absolutely keyless variety of locking system that can be opened only by putting in a personal code of the owner into the number pad provided on this lock. Then only its knob can be turned to open the door. It is driven purely by mechanical ways and does not need any battery for operation. So, it ensures the best security of the house by preventing all chances of bumping the lock.

The house owners should buy the bump proof locks for their houses from only reliable and highly reputed locksmith companies that are known to manufacture securest locks. They should search online and check the details of every popular variety of these locks, for choosing the best ones for their homes or office.

Any low- quality lock can create a threat to the security of a domestic or commercial building. Hence, deadbolts are considered as the most dependable way of securing the homes, which cannot be opened at all without the real key of that lock. If by chance that key is lost or misplaced by the owner, only a trustworthy bump key maker can save the situation by manufacturing the exact key of that locking system.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Portella

    April 26, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    I had no idea there are so many kinds of them. Was completely at a loss in the store.

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